Women love to wear jewelry. In today’s world, it is not difficult to find the marvellous designs of any jewelry. Nowadays, both men and women have a special place for jewelry in their heart. Gone were those days, when only women use to wear jewelry. Are you thinking to propose longtime girlfriend for marriage? If yes, then it is wonderful as marriage is not lesser than any milestone. For this, it is obvious that you need a ring. If you want to do something and do not want to give a ring, then surprise her with an eternity ring. You can buy lovely looking

If you do not have much knowledge about it, then do not worry at all because here we will discuss eternity rings in a detailed manner. Nowadays, many offline and online portals offer these rings at various prices. It is defined as a valuable metal ring that has diamond studded across an entire circumference of the ring. The precious metal which is generally used is white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. These rings are considered an acceptable sign of love and are customarily gifted by a husband to a wife. It is generally white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Eternity rings are given to show a sign of pious love and are usually presented by a husband to a wife. If you are already married, then also you can give it your better half. Whether it’s an occasion or your anniversary or the birth of your first child or any other significant event of your, you can give it your better half at any important occasion.

Are you aware of the meaning of eternity rings? If no, then we will discuss it here. Most of us are aware of the fact that it consists of a line which has diamonds on it. Just like the vicious circle which is the shape of a ring, the never-ending line of the diamond represents the everlasting and never-ending love that is shared between a couple. When we see a circle, we cannot tell where it begins and where it terminates. Similar to this, the eternity ring also has no-start or no-end of diamonds and as a result, it indicates the never-ending nature of true love. Diamonds themselves are infinite and they, therefore, it eventually gives substantial meaning to the eternity rings. Diamonds are recognised as firmest stones and therefore denote the in-destructive nature of the love between the couples. Given below are two major types of eternity rings:


1. Full Eternity Rings


2. Half Eternity Rings


1. Full Eternity Rings: They are defined as the full eternity rings because all the diamonds or the gemstones utilised are embossed all around the circumference of the ring. From one end to another end, diamonds are studded. It is fully covered with diamonds or other gemstones.

2. Half eternity rings: As time changes, the trends also seem to change. To make a pace with an ongoing trend, humans have come with a way which allows them to keep the traditions alive and altering the design to make it look contemporary. As per the definition, the half eternity rings are defined as those rings that are composed of precious metal and have diamonds studded half-way around the circumference of the ring. It does not have to be precisely half the circumference, it can be ¾, ½ or ¼ or as per the specification and requirement. Metals that are generally used in Eternity Rings are mentioned below:


Eternity rings are quite fine rings and thus are prepared by using the fine metals. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are all fine metals. However, they are generally made up of gold or platinum. If you are thinking about whether you should buy a full eternity or half eternity one, then given below are the few highlights that will help you to make a firm decision:


1. If you are not on a high budget and want to save money, then it is advisable to buy half eternity ring as full eternity rings will require to pay almost double of half eternity rings.

2. As per the type of setting of the diamonds, a full eternity ring can be a bit uncomfortable because it gives rise to the friction between the ring’s diamonds and the neighbouring fingers.

3. It is not possible to resize a full eternity ring, but it is quite possible to resize a half eternity ring. You may have to keep adjusting half eternity ring to keep the studded side on top as the ring will keep turning in your finger. But, such kind of a problem will not come up if you have a full eternity ring as the diamonds are studded on all over the ring. If you do not want to keep adjusting your ring, then it is advisable to buy a full eternity ring.

Many jewelry companies render ring resizing for customers without charging any fees, not even a penny. If the change is of 1 or 2 sizes, then it is possible to accomplish the task of resizing without taking away the stones however if the alteration is more, the jeweller may require to eliminate the stones. After the resizing is completed the stones can again be embossed.

Best Setting for Eternity Rings


Full eternity rings can cause irritation and discomfort to your fingers. The spikes consisting of the diamonds may cause a bit uneasiness if they are not embedded correctly. That is why the diamond setting plays a significant role in eternity rings.


When buying full eternity rings, customers have shown a fondness towards bezel set diamonds because the diamonds in this setting are enclosed with metal on all sides and therefore are very comfortable to the skin of the adjacent fingers. It does not cause any irritation or uneasiness.

Likewise, in the channel setting, the diamonds lies between two parallel walls and consequently give rise to a minimum or no discomfort. Channel setting eternity rings are gaining quite a popularity in the market. If your diamonds are not much big in size, then you can select other regular settings like the prong setting or the pave setting. The advantage of having a channel setting and bezel setting is that they also save your diamonds from all the roughs and toughs or wear and tear.

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So, if you are buying an

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An engagement ring that you will buy for your partner will show your love for her or him. Before, buying one, make sure that you are buying a ring as per your partner’s style and taste. Do not forget about your budget when making a purchase because no one would ever like to experience a financial crunch. Now, buying a ring will not be a rock-breaking task.