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Model: RSP03W052
White Gold 18 Carat Gold Hand made four pronged Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring. Diamond 0.520ct Gold 18k,2.90Gram ..
7,183.40 AED
Ex Tax:7,183.40 AED
Model: B21643
This amazing ring features a cushion cut ringMade simulated yellow diamond center stoneAnd simulated diamonds accent stones.All our rings 100% guaranteed with either18K solid stamp inside then ring. Below are the descriptions for1.54Cts cushion cut fancy yellow halo enga..
16,590.00 AED
Ex Tax:16,590.00 AED
Model: B20350
Choosing a flower sapphire ring can be A playful way to incorporate a colorfulThe gemstone in to your traditionalWear. A center sapphire stone is Incredibly Striking .Below are the descriptions for theA Nature Inspired Ring18 carats white gold: - 4.50 grams..
5,320.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,320.00 AED
Model: B20221
Attractive tiny dangling style diamond earringBy its very nature eternal love must have a past, a present, and a future, and this pair of stunning piercedEarrings has been conceived with that romantic concept in mindA trio of clear crystals are embellished with unique look and elegantPcs timeles..
2,030.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,030.00 AED
Model: B07602
A design with a touch of amethyst and diamond, contains a fine collection of 18k White, Yellow and Rose gold in one necklace.descriptions:- Diamond 0.41ct Amethyst 1.16ct Gold(White, Yellow, Rose) 18k, 4.54Grams..
3,381.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,381.00 AED
Model: B20380
Diamond crosses are a beautiful way to celebrate your faith.These crosses are available in 18kt white gold and consistOf 11 rounds brilliant cut diamonds set with shared prong.They are available in a six different carat weights.Below are the description for theClassic Cross Diamo..
23,380.00 AED
Ex Tax:23,380.00 AED
Model: MG70935
Focusing on the pure essence of Elegant collection,this Cluster Bangle heroes the duality between rough andpolished diamonds creating a mesmerising tension.Bangle harnesses this timeless mystique though anexpression of primeval sophistication whilst remaining raw.  Below is..
3,850.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,850.00 AED
Model: RSR09W012
White Gold 18 Carat Engagement Ring with Matt Finish over the Band. Made in Tension Setting this Ring the Diamond set inside looks Eye-Catching. Diamond 0.120ct Gold 18k,4.27Gram..
2,914.80 AED
Ex Tax:2,914.80 AED
Model: B19574
Introducing a ring which connectswith the modern sensibilitiesKeeping in mind the life style, habits and fashionforward nature of the world todayStylish look side diamonds whichcreates an extra gaze towards a ring.Below are the discriptions for the Iconic Elegant Diamond Ring..
2,800.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,800.00 AED
Model: OR2937
There comes a time when a yellowDiamond is so fine and beautiful thatit requires a design to be built aroundit. To honour, to cherish these miraclesof nature Mamiya Jewellers has a segmentof High Jewellery devoted to the finestquality of diamonds sourced globally.  ..
119,000.00 AED
Ex Tax:119,000.00 AED
Model: B13667
Refined and Timeless, this CitrineGemstone ring fashionably standsout, complemented by 18 carat Yellow gold.can be worn with orther same rings withVabriant Colors!Specification:-18 carat Gold weight : 3.73gms Citrine stone weight : 9.76ct Ring Includes Company Au..
3,918.60 AED
Ex Tax:3,918.60 AED
Model: B15145
 Pink opal unique diamond necklace This is a unique design is very popular among young girls This enchanting created pink opal and created white cluster Diamond pendant makes a delightful accessory that can be Showcased all year round. The pendant features a triangle shaped C..
2,870.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,870.00 AED
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