An engagement ring symbolizes your love, commitment, and promise of marriage to your partner.

Such a heavy representation is what makes it difficult to find the perfect ring for your proposal. There are also a lot of things you'll have to consider, from the style of the ring to the different diamond shapes.

Knowing the types of engagement rings is a good place to start your search for the ideal proposal band. This blog will discuss some of the most popular styles to make it easier for you to find the perfect ring that will sincerely express your love for your partner.


A vintage-style engagement ring offers a distinguished design that modern rings may fail to exude. That means it’s unlikely to find another person with the same motif. This type of ring also has more intricate details such as Mill grain detailing, scrollwork, and artisan filigree — giving it a more elegant and eye-catching look.

Vintage engagement rings also have surprising versatility in their designs. While a diamond is a top pick for most engagement rings, vintage ones can be fixed with other gemstones like sapphire


This style of engagement ring is among the most popular choices for many people because of its simple design. This type of ring features a center gemstone, usually set on a plain band, and sits high to enhance the brilliance of the gemstone. Such simplicity makes it easy for the stone to stand out and allows the wearer to easily pair the solitaire with most wedding bands and other rings.

Halo setting

The halo is another classic type of engagement ring with a bit more brilliance added to it. Unlike the solitaire, this style has small stones surrounding the central gemstone. Such a design makes the center gemstone appear larger than it is and draws the looker’s attention to it, especially if the accent stones are different in color.

This type also covers more surface area on the finger, giving the appearance of a full look without having to spend too much on a bigger center gemstone. Additionally, the halo arrangement provides the central stone with added protection as it takes most of the impact if the wearer accidentally hits their hand.

Pavé setting diamond ring

This engagement ring style is similar to the halo, in the way that accent stones are also surrounding the central gemstone. The difference is that the supporting stones are set together as close as possible, making it look like they are holding up the centerpiece.

Such a design also makes the wedding band appear like it’s made up of a solid gemstone surface. Additionally, the supporting stones add more sparkle to the ring as they sit above the track and allow light to enter from all sides.


Trinity Ring

Also known as three-stone rings, this type of engagement band is a popular choice for its elegant design. It depicts a trio of gemstones, with the main piece set higher than the side stones to accentuate the central stone. It’s also chosen for what it signifies: the past, present, and future of the couple together.

Couples can also customize the stones on the ring to make it more meaningful. Some would take two stones from rings from each side of the family and set those alongside a new central gemstone. Doing so symbolizes the two families coming together and welcoming each other.

       Astonished Diamond Engagement Ring by Mamiya

Channel Set

If you want a ring type that offers better security, consider getting a channel-setting engagement ring. Its design shows the gemstone packed tightly together in a channel in the ring, ensuring that the gemstones will not easily fall out. This placement also ensures the stones are protected against accidental hits that could chip them.

What’s more, you’ll notice that most engagement ring styles have prongs that hold the center stone in place. The problem with the prong is that it can start to bend and eventually cause the clothes to snag on the ring. The arrangement of the channel-setting engagement ring solves this problem since it doesn’t have any prongs to keep the central gemstone secure

Cathedral design diamond ring

The cathedral engagement ring gets its name from the arching prongs that resemble the elegant arches of traditional churches. This type will put your gemstone in the center of attention in a sophisticated yet secure way.

Similar to the buildings it was named after, a cathedral-style engagement band offers a fixed hold on the central stone with the arching prongs that go up its girdle. This support helps raise the central stone, makes it appear more prominent when worn, and ensures the central gemstone is secure enough even if the wearer is always on the go.

An engagement ring is a beautiful and tangible symbol of a couple’s love for one another. It also signifies their will to start planning a lifelong commitment with each other. Hopefully, this quick guide to some of the types of engagement rings will help you in your journey to finding the right one that will wholeheartedly convey your affection.

written by :- Katie pierce