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Gemstone Rings

We at Mamiya Diamonds specialised of 18 kt Diamond Jewelleries in white Gold , Yellow Gold, Rose Gold. As per your requirement, we can also make in 14 kt & 9 kt . 

Jewellery like Gold Jewellery , Diamond Jewellery, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets being worn since decades. Jewellery are the most adorable and beautiful touch up that makes your look perfect. New designs and new metals crafted by Jewellery Experts.

Model: B20350
Choosing a flower sapphire ring can be A playful way to incorporate a colorfulThe gemstone in to your traditionalWear. A center sapphire stone is Incredibly Striking .Below are the descriptions for theA Nature Inspired Ring18 carats white gold: - 4.50 grams..
5,320.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,320.00 AED
Model: B13667
Refined and Timeless, this CitrineGemstone ring fashionably standsout, complemented by 18 carat Yellow gold.can be worn with orther same rings withVabriant Colors!Specification:-18 carat Gold weight : 3.73gms Citrine stone weight : 9.76ct Ring Includes Company Au..
3,918.60 AED
Ex Tax:3,918.60 AED
Model: B13713
Victoria Townsend Pink Amethystand Diamond Accent Ring in 18 caratRose Gold.Specification:-18 carat Rose Gold Weight : 8.60gms Diamond Carat : 0.57ct Pink Amethyst : 11.23ct Ring Includes Company Authentification and warranty Card. Diamond Clarity : VS2 - SI1 (Approx)..
12,250.00 AED
Ex Tax:12,250.00 AED
Model: B08406
The perfect all occasion multi-quartz marvel design with amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, peridot, smoky quartzes. Diamond 0.05ct Quartzes (amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, peridot, smoky quartzes) 9.12ct Gold 18k, 4.79Grams..
2,798.60 AED
Ex Tax:2,798.60 AED
Model: B15235
The workmanship went into the intricate cutsof the london blue topaz is worthy of appreciation.Flaunt your style with this stunning ring Whit gold ringPlease inquire before placing the order due to limited Stocks Ring includes Company Authentification and waranty Card ..
2,098.60 AED
Ex Tax:2,098.60 AED
"Paradise in Blue" Diamond Ring "Paradise in Blue" Diamond Ring
Model: B13656
Yellow Gold "Paradise in Blue"  Diamond Ring with Blue Topaz in the center set in Bezel Setting while Diamonds set in Micro Prongs settings. The Gold weight is 2.28 grams, Diamond carat is 0.08 carat, Blue Topaz is 2.74 Carat.  Gold 18Kt, 2.28 Gram Diamond ..
2,800.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,800.00 AED
Model: B08622
Inspired by the warmth shade of the rose, the "Rosevella" ring will bring out the cheerful person in you.  Diamond 0.17ct rose quartz 2.73ct Gold 18k, 2.64Grams..
2,098.60 AED
Ex Tax:2,098.60 AED
Model: B07693
Inspired by the calmness of the sky, the radiant turquoise quartz ring will bring out the confident side of you, every time you wear it.  Diamond 0.23ct turquoise quartz  3.22ct Gold 14k, 2.72Grams..
2,506.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,506.00 AED
Model: B00751
Elegant, timeless, and plentiful, emerald rings are an ideal present for a woman. You can cater the jewelry needs of a classy and stylish woman by giving away a personalized 18kt White Gold with Single-stone Emerald and 6 Pieces of Round Diamond stunner. Diamond 0.18ct ..
2,566.20 AED
Ex Tax:2,566.20 AED
Model: B13666
A Unique Agate Stone Set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold is a statement of Style. Total 2.16 Carat Agate, and 3.79 Grams of Gold. Gold 18Kt, 3.79 Grams Agate 2.16 Carat..
1,810.20 AED
Ex Tax:1,810.20 AED
Model: B09875
White Gold 18Kt Diamond RIng with Amethyst and Diamond in the ring. Beautiful Natural Amethyst is 3.67 Carat, Diamond is 0.13 Carat, Gold weight is 2.83 Grams.  Gold 18Kt, 2.83 Gram Diamond 0.13 Carat Amethyst 3.67 Carat ..
3,640.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,640.00 AED
Model: B13670
Beautifully Handcrafted 18 Kt Gold Ring with the Highlight of Amethyst in the Top of the Ring and side diamonds on the band. Total 0.16 Carat Diamonds, 10.67 Carat Amethyst, 3.55 Grams of Gold. Gold 18 Kt, 3.55Grams Diamond 0.16 Carat Amethyst 10.67..
3,033.80 AED
Ex Tax:3,033.80 AED
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