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Round cut

The most versatile shape and cut of a diamond for any engagement or wedding rings.

Round cut was first discovered  in 1700s from rough diamond and later in 1900s as single cut

round shapes where commonly used. At present the technology has evolved into making 58 facets into round 

cut which qualifies them as a Round Brilliant cut. Each diamond in our catalogue is ethically sourced and

supplied in retail or wholesale with famous international certification , example:- (G.I.A, HRD, I.G.I)

Model: CDS004
Lavish your loved ones with half a carats round diamondfrom Belgium (Antwerp). you may set it into a classic four claw engagement ring or besides any multiple designers patternthat suites your passion and lifestyleSpecification :-Clarity:- si2 (small inclusion level 2)Color:- D  ..
4,725.00 AED
Ex Tax:4,500.00 AED
Model: B19929
half a carats round brilliant cut diamondits the most prominent in limited can set it in four claw classic engagement ringsetting or any design of your ownit consists of international certification from H.R.D (Antwerp, Belgium)Specification :Clarity :- VS2 ( very small inclusion -lev..
6,877.50 AED
Ex Tax:6,550.00 AED
Model: S3F34618
feel splendid with round brilliant cut certified diamond Round brilliant cut diamondcertified of international gemological institute ofBelgiumSpecification :clarity : Si1color : Fcarats : 0.90Cut : very good Polish : ExcellentSymmetry:  Very good for more information please ..
16,300.00 AED
Ex Tax:16,300.00 AED
Model: 470112909
round brilliant cut 0.90 carats certified diamond by international gemological institutespecifications:-Clarity :- si2 (slightly inclusive level-2)Color :- FCut :-  Very goodpolish :- Excellentsymmetry :- very goodfor more information and other diamond carats and specificati..
17,500.00 AED
Ex Tax:17,500.00 AED
Model: 200000083112
Round brilliant cut of 1 carats ,Certified by International Gemological Institute.Description:Round brilliant  with clarity : SI2Color : F cut : ExcellentPolish : ExcellentSymmetry : Excellentcertified by international authority : "HRD"for more information please write to sales@mamiyadiamo..
23,900.00 AED
Ex Tax:23,900.00 AED
Model: 210000015784
The Color D is the most prominent among all the optionsin certified diamond categoryThis 0.70 carats loose diamond can be fitted intoring, Earring, bracelet or PendantDescription :Round diamond carats : 0.70 ctsClarity : Si2color : D (exceptional white)proportion/polish/symmetry  :Good/very goo..
7,900.00 AED
Ex Tax:7,900.00 AED
Model: 45022220
Round cut Certified diamonds with international gemological certificate it can be used to mount into a pendant, Earring, or a RingDescription :carats : 0.57 ctsclarity : SI2Color : Ecut/polish/symmetry : Excellentfor more information please enquire to  write to sales@mamiyad..
7,500.00 AED
Ex Tax:7,500.00 AED
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