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Pendants has a fabulous range of diamond pendants available to buy in Dubai. We provide High Quality Gold and

Diamond Pendant at competitive price. pendants are also known as medallion, and are manufactured in mamiya diamonds

factory with latest machinery and quality handcrafts.

We supply pendants in 18 carats white gold or 18 carats yellow gold or 18 carats rose gold.

  • Since 2015 rose gold jewelry is more into fashion and every product consist of a
  • quality/hallmark with inscription number (750) which states that it is 100 % 18 carats gold metal.  
  • Your can share any images via WhatsApp or email and attain quotes from our experts on customize any
  • type of design that you want to create for yourself or loved ones as a special occasion gift
  • we also manufacture pendants as per birthstones and you can also wear a pendant/necklace
  • that reads your name in either English ,Arabic or any language of your choice

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Model: B09478
A design so intricate and complete that it contain a fine collection of 18k White, Yellow and Rose gold in one pendant. Diamond 0.16ct Gold(White, Yellow, Rose) 18k, 3.41Grams..
1,729.00 AED
Ex Tax:1,729.00 AED
Model: A05563
A fine Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, in a Yellow Gold 18kt Pendant.This diamond is rub-over set so it is very easy to wear, helps protect the diamond from damage and dirt, and is guaranteed to look magnificent for years to come. Diamond 0.47ct G..
7,466.20 AED
Ex Tax:7,466.20 AED
Model: P13889Q PGJ
For the lady who is the star of your life, she will shine like the sky in this Black and White Diamond Pendant. It features a 18KT White Gold Circle with free style designs with 48 Pieces of White Diamond and 35 Pieces of Black Diamond. It looks right with any outfit and will never go out of style. ..
3,976.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,976.00 AED
Model: 104209ART
18KT white Gold Pendant with 48 Pieces of Black diamonds and 7 Pieces of Round White Diamonds are a good Combination and solution for an evening going out. The Radiance of stones inserts will look excellent, both in daytime and in the evening light. The soft playing of deep saturated color elegantly..
2,644.60 AED
Ex Tax:2,644.60 AED
Be a head-turner with this rich Black Onyx with diamond stripes, carefully suspended by elegant diamonds and a remarkable 18k gold chain. Diamond 0.17ct Black Onyx 10ct Gold 14k, 2.85Grams..
2,520.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,520.00 AED
Model: 0862702ESTAR
Beautiful 18k White Gold Eye Pendent with combination of White diamonds and Black diamonds. With the Black Diamonds 0.23 Ct, Black Diamond 0.30Ct. This is an amazing And Must have Pendent. Stay blessed and keep the Evil Eye away. Black Diamond 0.30 Ct White Diamon..
2,366.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,366.00 AED
Model: B11003
Rose Gold 18kt dazzling fashion pendant with 74 Pieces of White Diamond and 87 Pieces of Black Diamonds. Diamond 0.87ct Gold 18k, 5.49Grams..
6,788.60 AED
Ex Tax:6,788.60 AED
Model: B22396
Black Diamond cluster cross necklace This stunning Pendant is a piece      Of jewel that will certainly amaze you. Items is smaller than what appears in  Photo. Photo enlarged to show detail Below are the descriptions for the Black Diamond ..
2,639.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,639.00 AED
Model: B07219
A blue sapphire eye and hand pendant unique design with chain to make you stand out from the crowd.   Diamond 0.28ct Sapphire 0.10ct Gold(White) 18k, 3.45Grams..
2,910.60 AED
Ex Tax:2,910.60 AED
Model: B04464
Blue topaz engulfed by carefully crafted with diamond studded 18k White gold is a mystery on it's own. Diamond 0.11ct Blue Topaz 2.92ct Gold(White) 18k, 2.67Grams..
2,364.60 AED
Ex Tax:2,364.60 AED
Model: B11506
14K White Gold Pendent with Blue Topaz Brilliant cut diamond with Diamond weight: 0.08ct Gold weight: .055 gms, Blue Topaz weight: 0.94ct Blue topaz 0.94ct Diamond 0.08ct Gold 14kt, 0.55gms ..
807.04 AED
Ex Tax:807.04 AED
Model: OR2858
Bullet pendant with skull and ruby in the eyes.Crafted from 18ct white gold,this delicate skull pendant with ruby eyegemstone is decorated with 0.03 carats diamonddiamond pendant in a simple design evocativeof youthful design. And is cushioned so it sits softlyagainst the ski..
5,320.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,320.00 AED
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