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Diamond Rings

We are specialized wholesaler and retailer of 18 carats Diamond Jewelery in white Gold, Yellow Gold & Rose Gold. As per your requirement, we can also make in Platinum with bespoke customization by our jewelery factory. our website is limited to few engagement and wedding rings collection, since many new products are displayed on our shelfs and we encourage our clients to personally enquire with us to know more about our latest collects!

Model: B20299
A Diamond might be forever, but itDoesn’t mean it has to be the highlight Your ring Focus on finding an attractiveRing.  It features a bold circular bandBut it’s a perfect choice for someoneSeeking an alternative styleBelow are the descriptions for theClassic U..
2,310.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,310.00 AED
Model: B19773
 A Classical ring made in rose goldand white gold with unique craftmanshipThe magnificent diamond setting on lovelycurve shapes gives beautiful look. The exclusive combination of whitegold and rosegold gives Remarkable impressionto this ring. Best for buy someo..
9,100.00 AED
Ex Tax:9,100.00 AED
Model: B20967
Introducing a ring which connects  with the modern sensibilities  Keeping in mind the life style, habits and fashion  forward nature of the world today  Stylish look side diamonds which  creates an extra gaze towards a ring.Below are the descript..
3,080.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,080.00 AED
Model: B17567
This cluster engagement ringis perfect if you are looking forsomething simple and lovely.Cluster of diamond forms round,and the simple band presents it a delicate and tender touch.Below is the description for the cluster engagement ring18 carat white Gold..
3,582.60 AED
Ex Tax:3,582.60 AED
Model: B17566
There comes a time when clusterDiamond is so fine and beautiful thatit requires a design to be built aroundit, to a unique honour, to cherish thesemiracles of nature Mamiya Jewellershas a segment of High Jewellery to thefinest quality of diamonds sourced globally.Below ar..
4,690.00 AED
Ex Tax:4,690.00 AED
Model: B12129
Adorable Combination of 2 different Semi Precious StonesBlue Topaz and Citrine withcrafting work on 18 carat White gold and 18 caratYellow Gold.This Combination ring with 2 sides 1 side withYellow Gold & Citrine and 1 side with white gold &Blue Topaz looks differ..
5,600.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,600.00 AED
Model: B11929
White Gold 18 Carat Half Eternity Ring withtotal 17 Pieces of Diamonds set in the Bandin Channel Setting. This Setting is ideal for theSafety of Diamonds if you are looking for achange from regular Prongs Setting. Diamond 0.37ct ..
4,130.00 AED
Ex Tax:4,130.00 AED
Model: B17588
Leave her breathless today with this mesmerizingcluster diamond ring. cluster setting surroundedby beautiful beaded migraine placed within a poshsimulated diamond halo holds the beaming cluster stones.The perfect addition to add to any collection.Below is the description for the ..
4,550.00 AED
Ex Tax:4,550.00 AED
Model: OR1330
What if you get this adorable Pair ofWedding Bands for your Wedding thatmakes you feel awesome .This pair of Contemporary Wedding Bands gives classy and perfect look for Bride and Groom. You can also call it as Bride - Groom ring.Specifications :- Groom Rin..
4,901.40 AED
Ex Tax:4,901.40 AED
Model: Coral Diamond Ring
Coral Black and White Diamond Ringwith amazing Eye caching Orange Shade Gemstonein Center gives more perfect look - 18 caratCoral ring with Precious Diamonds and Orange ShadeGemstone looks adorable.Specification :Coral :- 18.50 carats Black Diamonds :- 2.35 carats Whit..
11,060.00 AED
Ex Tax:11,060.00 AED
Model: B21039
Crisscross Diamond RingBeautiful two Color Crisscross18 Carats Diamond ring with diamondsset in the overlapping design togive a modern spark in the ring.Below is the description for theCrisscross Diamond Ring18 carats yellow gold: -7.240 grams Total Round diamonds: -..
6,440.00 AED
Ex Tax:6,440.00 AED
Model: B13602
Beautiful two Color Crisscrossdiamond in14 carats and 18 caratsDiamond ring with diamonds set inthe overlapping design to give a modernand contemporary Spark in the ring.Total 0.75Ct DiamondAnd 7.04 Gms Gold.Below are the descriptions for:-CRISSCROSS DIAMOND RING..
6,076.00 AED
Ex Tax:6,076.00 AED
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