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Gemstone Rings

We at Mamiya Diamonds specialised of 18 kt Diamond Jewelleries in white Gold , Yellow Gold, Rose Gold. As per your requirement, we can also make in 14 kt & 9 kt . 

Jewellery like Gold Jewellery , Diamond Jewellery, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets being worn since decades. Jewellery are the most adorable and beautiful touch up that makes your look perfect. New designs and new metals crafted by Jewellery Experts.

Model: B13655
White Gold 18Kt Diamond ring made consisting Natural Sapphire set in tension setting and Round Diamond set in pressure setting. Total diamond carat is 0.04, Sapphire is 0.27 Carat, Gold weight is 2.37 Grams. Gold 18kt, 2.37 Grams Diamond 0.04 Ct, 14Pieces ..
3,206.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,206.00 AED
Model: B09725
White Gold 18kt with sapphire studded ring to bring out the preciousness in you. 5 pcs of precious natural srilankan sapphires, & natural diamonds Diamond 0.10ct Sapphire 0.65ct Gold 18k, 2.89Grams..
5,390.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,390.00 AED
Model: B13671
18Kt Gold with Cool Citrine Stone in the centre for the timeless elegant look. Natural Citrine weighting 3.01 carat and gold weighting 2.50gms.Go Gold 18k, 2.50gms Citrine 3.01 Carat  ..
1,300.60 AED
Ex Tax:1,300.60 AED
Model: B13449
Intricate in design, this Sapphire and Diamond Ring showcases 72 Pieces of Diamonds alternating with 3 Pieces of Round Shape Sapphires in this 18kt White Gold Ring that is perfect as an Anniversary Ring or Wedding Ring. Diamond 0.30ct Color Stone 0.94ct ..
4,198.60 AED
Ex Tax:4,198.60 AED
Model: B12129
Adorable Combination of 2 different Semi  Precious StonesBlue Topaz and Citrine with crafting work on 18 carat White gold and 18 carat Yellow Gold. This Combination ring with 2 sides 1 side with Yellow Gold & Citrine and 1 side with white gold & Blue Topaz looks differ..
5,600.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,600.00 AED
Model: Coral Diamond Ring
Coral Black and White Diamond Ring with amazing Eye caching Orange Shade Gemstone in Center gives more perfect look - 18 carat Coral ring with Precious Diamonds and Orange Shade Gemstone looks adorable. Specification : Coral :- 18.50 carats Black Diamonds :- 2.35 carats Whit..
11,060.00 AED
Ex Tax:11,060.00 AED
Model: B06028
Crafted with 18kt White Gold this contrasting heart shaped White and Black Diamond ring is a perfect mesmerizer. Diamond 0.17ct Black Diamond 0.26ct Gold 18k, 2.96Grams..
3,101.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,101.00 AED
Model: B14679
Get dazzled with this unique concept, the 3 by 3 diamonds on each side of aquamarine, enlightens the center to a  more highlightened atmosphere for the Aquamarine to feel its importance Product Details: Target Group: Women Brand: mamiya Model Number: B14679 Ring Type:..
4,489.80 AED
Ex Tax:4,489.80 AED
Model: B05444
The question of how the yellow topaz is held together by a thin strip of diamond studded 18kt White Gold is a mystery of it's own. Diamond 0.11ct Yellow Topaz 4.55ct Gold(White, Yellow, Rose) 14k, 3.60Grams..
1,818.60 AED
Ex Tax:1,818.60 AED
Model: OR4808
Diamond and Tanzanite Engagement ring is an example of eye caching and elegant diamond ring. Walking down the aisle in this beauty is never less than a wedding. Check out the ring details below :- 18 carats white gold : - 5.12 grams Diamonds total weight : - 1.52 carats Center Tanzanit..
9,250.00 AED
Ex Tax:9,250.00 AED
Model: B00210
Studded with the perfect sized emerald, the ring is a show stopper. Diamond 0.14ct Emerald 0.19ct Gold(Yellow) 18k, 2.76Grams..
1,902.60 AED
Ex Tax:1,902.60 AED
Model: B02646
A fresh water pearl studded diamond ring to inspire the youth nature in you.  Diamond 0.08ct Gold(Yellow) 18k, 3.80Grams..
1,981.00 AED
Ex Tax:1,981.00 AED
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