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Gemstone Rings

We at Mamiya Diamonds specialised of 18 kt Diamond Jewelleries in white Gold , Yellow Gold, Rose Gold. As per your requirement, we can also make in 14 kt & 9 kt . 

Jewellery like Gold Jewellery , Diamond Jewellery, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets being worn since decades. Jewellery are the most adorable and beautiful touch up that makes your look perfect. New designs and new metals crafted by Jewellery Experts.

Model: B02241
Bring the youthfulness in you through this fresh water pearl ring.   Diamond 0.15ct Fresh water pearl   Gold( Yellow) 18k, 2.90Grams..
2,618.00 AED
Ex Tax:2,618.00 AED
Model: B08619
Made from 18k rose gold and molded with a rose quartz in the center, this ring is a definite head turner.   Diamond 0.12ct Rose Quartz 3.31ct Gold(Rose) 18k, 2.56Grams..
1,874.60 AED
Ex Tax:1,874.60 AED
Model: B09491
Take pride in wearing this well sculpted precious stone studded ring for every occasion.   Diamond 0.17ct Sapphire 0.40ct Gold(White) 18k, 2.85Grams..
2,700.60 AED
Ex Tax:2,700.60 AED
Model: B11178
Emerald Ring Made with diamonds onthe Circumference, similar to Lady Dianasapphire ring except that its replaced with geniune Emerald from ColumbiaSpecification:-18 carats white gold:- 6 grams Natural white diamonds :- 0.65 carats (26 pcs) Diamond clarity:- vs2-SI (ap..
18,018.00 AED
Ex Tax:18,018.00 AED
Model: B13281
Elegant, timeless, and plentiful, Emerald Rings are an ideal present for a woman. You can cater the jewelry needs of a classy and stylish woman by giving away a personalized 18kt White Gold with Single-stone Emerald and 69 Pieces of Round Diamond stunner. Diamond 0.35ct ..
4,128.60 AED
Ex Tax:4,128.60 AED
Model: B07656
A ring inspired from emerald city it selfDiamond encrusted jewelry sparkledwith wondrous gems stone ring craftedalong with micro diamonds which increasesthe beauty by putting a solitaire emeraldBelow are the descriptions for theEmerald Diamond Domed RingDiamo..
9,296.00 AED
Ex Tax:9,296.00 AED
Model: B20961
Elegant, timeless, and plentiful,emerald rings are an ideal presentfor a woman. You can cater the jewelryneeds of a classy and stylish womanby giving away a personalized 18 ktWhite Gold with Single-stone Emerald and 2 Pieces of SideRound Diamonds.Check out Ring Details b..
10,640.00 AED
Ex Tax:10,640.00 AED
Model: B06293
White gold 18Kt Ring made with diamonds and gold with Natural Emerald. Set in Halo setting with Emerald in the centre surrounded by diamonds.Description & Specification of Emerald Hallo deisgn ring are:-Emerald 1 piece (round shape) (usualy from zambia/south africa or columbia) 0.27..
4,060.00 AED
Ex Tax:4,060.00 AED
Model: B20059
Glamorious Enchantor Diamond Ring made of 63 pices ofDiamonds and 87 pices of sapphire combination in a verywell managed and fancy look criss cross settingRing it self presesnts the unique craftmenship.Match this beutiful diamond ring with your Shades of Blueparty wear or with an..
20,300.00 AED
Ex Tax:20,300.00 AED
Model: 102062
Attractive Ruby Ring alongwith Micro Setting DiamondsIt goes for vintage and retro lookExcellent setting of the ring whichcreates the ring more beautifulBelow are the descriptions for the Ruby Diamond RingDiamond Carats :- 0.17 carat Ruby Carats :- 0.76 carat 18kt Gold..
3,388.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,388.00 AED
Model: B17846
Gorgeous Floral Diamond creates an amazingcombination of 2 tone 18kt white & Rose Goldwith single line Blue Sapphire surrounded bydiamonds on setting.Checkout Ring Details below.Total Diamond Carats :- 0.30 carat (76pcs) Sapphire Carats :- 0.30 carat (15pcs) 18kt Gold ..
3,501.40 AED
Ex Tax:3,501.40 AED
Green Onyx Diamond Ring Green Onyx Diamond Ring
New 2-3 Days
Model: orkelly07
Beauty of this Diamond and Green Onyx Ring made in 18kt yellow gold, is a perfect combination of gemstone and diamonds. instead of green onyx it is possible to set Jade stone as well. ring is also possible to make in black onyx with cabochon shape. Check matching Pendant and Earring details. Ch..
4,850.00 AED
Ex Tax:4,850.00 AED
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