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Gemstone Rings

We at Mamiya Diamonds specialised of 18 kt Diamond Jewelleries in white Gold , Yellow Gold, Rose Gold. As per your requirement, we can also make in 14 kt & 9 kt . 

Jewellery like Gold Jewellery , Diamond Jewellery, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets being worn since decades. Jewellery are the most adorable and beautiful touch up that makes your look perfect. New designs and new metals crafted by Jewellery Experts.

Model: B14680
Create an aura of sophistication with this ring featuring a 0.79ct oval cut ruby surrounded by 16 pieces black diamond with 0.17ct, set in 18K rose gold. Diamond ring that will treasure for a lifetime.Product Details: Model Number: B14680Ring Type: Band Ring Style: Pro..
3,871.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,871.00 AED
Model: B14669
Oval Shape Tanzanite Diamond Ring with0.77 carat Tanzanite and 0.410 carat DiamondClusters creates perfect engagament Ring.Ring Details :- Diamonds :- 0.410 carat Tanzanite :- 0.77 carat 18kt white gold weight :- 3.60 gms For more information contact :- [email protected]
5,467.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,467.00 AED
Model: B13695
18Kt White gold diamond ring made with ruby and white diamonds. Center ruby 0.91 carat along with diamond 0.18 carat 20 pieces. Total gold weight is 2.30 Grams. Comes with certificate along with purchase. Gold 18Kt, 2.30 Grams Diamond 0.18 Carat, 20 Pieces, Approx...
4,186.00 AED
Ex Tax:4,186.00 AED
Model: B12258
Yellow Gold 18Kt Diamond Ring withPeridot and Diamond set in the Bezal Setting.The diamonds are natural white,Diamond carat are 0.11 Carat,Peridot is 2.89 Carat, Gold weight is 3.02 Grams.Also available in orther semiprecious stones upon request! Gold 18Kt..
5,320.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,320.00 AED
Model: B20126
Topaz is believed stone to be one of the most powerfulGemstones for its healing and protective power it hasAn iconic look along with studded side diamond whichMesmerizing the entire look of the ring which may varyin different gold metal & can be worn for any occasion   ..
7,280.00 AED
Ex Tax:7,280.00 AED
Model: B07305
White Gold Rising Sapphire Diamond Ring made in 18Kt Gold. Consisting Of 0.39 Carat Diamond and 1.30 Carat Sapphire set in 3.86 Grams of Gold. Indulge in Beauty of this Teardrop Sapphire Diamond Ring. Gold 18Kt, 3.86 Grams Diamond 0.39 Carat Sapphi..
5,586.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,586.00 AED
Model: B02244
Yellow Gold 18Kt Rosetta Ruby Ring made with diamonds on the side. The Natural ruby in the centre is 0.97 Carat, Diamond Carat is 0.11 carat, 6 Pieces and gold weight is 5.80 Grams. Gold 18Kt, 5.80 Gram Diamond 0.11 Ct, 6 Piece Ruby 0.97 Ct ..
5,166.00 AED
Ex Tax:5,166.00 AED
Model: A120540 AOC
White Gold 18 kt Round Ruby Trilogy Ring with side Round Diamonds surrounding the Ruby . This Prong Setting Ring is completed with total 26 Pieces of Diamonds and 3 Pieces of Natural Ruby Stone. Diamond 0.21ct Ruby 0.72ct Gold 18k,2.93gms..
2,874.20 AED
Ex Tax:2,874.20 AED
Model: B09076
White gold 18kt ring with diamonds and Sapphire. Diamond carat is Diamond 36 pieces, sapphire 1 piece, 0.17 carat diamonds, 0.41 carat sapphire, Gold weight 2.82 grams.Diamond 36 pieces, sapphire 1 piece, 0.17 carat diamonds, 0.41 carat sapphire white gold ring Gold weight 2.82 grams..
3,920.00 AED
Ex Tax:3,920.00 AED
Model: A123270 AOC
White Gold 18 Kt Round Sapphire Ring with Round Diamonds surrounding the Natural Sapphire Stone . This Prong Setting Ring is completed with total 26 Pieces of Diamonds and 3 Pieces of Sapphire Stone. Diamond 0.22ct Sapphire 0.76ct Gold 18k,2.85gms ..
3,207.40 AED
Ex Tax:3,207.40 AED
Model: B08951
Feel yourself with semi-precious peridotgemstones embodied into diamond ring.Each angle of the design is delicately shapedto ensure the focus is on the gemstone, itsunique personality and powerful aura.Feel fresh with this peridot and diamond ring.Below are the descriptions f..
8,960.00 AED
Ex Tax:8,960.00 AED
Model: B11035
White gold 18Kt Season of sapphire Diamond RIng with sapphire in the center set in the tension setting. This season of sapphire ring consists of 0.81 Carat, 10 Pieces of sapphire, 0.07 Carat diamond, 10 Pieces  and gold weight is 3.20 Grams.  Gold 18Kt, 3.20 Grams ..
4,606.00 AED
Ex Tax:4,606.00 AED
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