Diamond jewelry looks stunning and is special, and something that will remain a lifetime. It also makes a good investment. Similar to many other physical commodities that are inclined to progress in price over time, regardless of the state of the economy, the value of diamond jewelry keep touching the sky.

Fancy shaped diamonds are affordable. So, if you want to buy Diamond Earrings in Dubai and save money, then go for these. They also look exquisite and usually complement every face shape.

One of the most important perks of buying fancy shaped diamonds for your diamond stud earrings is their price. These diamonds commonly cost around 25% to 40% less than round diamonds!

Questioning why there’s such a significant price difference between these shapes? Round diamonds are assessed higher than fancy shaped diamonds for a couple of reasons that are given below:

1.       Cutting a round diamond causes a tremendous amount of raw diamond loss. This means that making round diamonds costs more for diamond cutters, and that cost inflation is passed along to the consumer.

2.       Round diamonds are quite popular and trendy. Over 50% of all diamonds traded today are round diamonds. Since round diamonds are so popular, which give benefit to a jeweler. They tend to charge them more for more since they are well-aware of the fact that people are willing to pay more for such a highly desired shape.