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Blue sapphires are derived in natural stones and later cut into round, oval or cushion shapes in most scenarios. Natural gemstones are available in various forms, the most prominent and famous being blue sapphires, famously knows as the king of gemstones. Blue sapphires are mainly found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Zambia and also India. Sapphires are from corundum family sapphires are also derived in yellow, pink, sky blue colours. 

Below are a few types that are commonly available:

  • Natural sapphires (not made by man or machines)
  • star sapphires
  • sapphires that change its colours
  • artificial or synthetic glass-filled sapphires (made with crystal or powder contents from industrial raw material)
09 Jul Sapphire Rings Dubai: A Great Symbol of a Perfect Bride
Jewellers Mamiya 0 3106
Today, sapphires are in great demand and people consider that sapphires are much better than that of a diamond. First of all, Sapphire rings Dubai is not as expensive as diamond therefore people can easily pay for a sapphire ring or any other sapphir..
08 Mar Few Important Tips On Buying Sapphire Jewelry
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Buying a fine jewelry needs lots of knowledge to identify the top quality sapphire for you. There are five essential characteristics of a gem’s quality that you need to keep in mind while shopping a fascinating gemstone, either placed in a setting or..
12 Jul Buy designer oval engagement ring from leading store
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There is more than one good purpose for you to buy your diamond or engagement ring online. Given the growth of IT technological innovation and 3D creation for the past few years, the purchasing encounter with purchasing diamond online has improved ex..
29 Mar Purchase The Unique And The Elegant Watches From Online Store Today
Jewellers Mamiya 0 21616
It is rightly said that the watches indicate the time, but some of the watches show the time of the person. These watches are characterized by the feature, which are the trademark of it. Looking for the Watches in Dubai, you are at the right place. ..
27 Oct Satisfy Your Needs With Gemstone Rings Dubai From Mamiya
Jewellers Mamiya 0 4130
Women love to embody themselves with accessories, mostly jewelries. Even if they have spent thousands of money for a lovely dress, still it will not look good and fascinating without jewelries. Matching rings with dresses will easily help in accentua..
28 May Best Gemstones Of the world in Dubai
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ratnaraj,which literally translates as rubies were also thought to enable their owners to live in peace with their enemies. In india natural rubies where also considered more expensive than diamonds,they are mainly found in orrissa and mysore.the f..
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