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Diamonds are known as the strongest element just because of its Giant molecular structure. The 4C's which defines the property of Diamond is Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Diamond colour starting from Letter D a colourless diamond to Letter M Yellowish Diamond and so on. You can Set this precious Stone to Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold. Gift your loved ones a Single Diamond Solitaire Ring, Promise Ring.

08 Mar Tips on How to Buy Gold in the Gold Capital
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After all, the UAE is noted for its tax-free shopping and highly competitive jewelry industry, making it the world's third-largest diamond trade hub. It's no surprise that many residents (both locals and visitors) have an opinion about the city's sho..
25 Feb Top Psychological Reasons Why People Buy A Diamond?
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Every special moment in life calls for a gorgeous, beautiful diamond. However, if you can afford it, you should not wait for any occasion to make your loved one happy with stunning diamond jewelry. These are rare! These are beautiful! Surely, these a..
17 Sep Real and Fake Diamonds
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What is a diamond? A gemstone? A transparent crystal of carbon atoms? A symbol of eternity? Or a declaration of undying love? The best way to describe diamonds is “Woman's Best Friend and the ultimate treasure to possess by mankind.” Diamonds, beside..
25 Jul customize your diamond ring
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No doubt, diamond complements love brilliantly. Diamond engagement ring is considered as a symbol of true love and a promise of eternal happiness. Being given a precious Indeed, every person, especially the women loves wearing a unique piece and don'..
25 Jul online diamond quotes from dubai
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For years, diamond ring has been exploiting as an epitome of true love. It reflects love, care, trust and a lifelong commitment. When you present a diamond to your lady love, let it be in the form of ring, you need not say the rest. It will make her ..
14 Feb Bridal necklace sets
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When it comes to making a selection of jewelry for a wedding day, it should be done carefully by keeping in mind the designs and style of the dress. There is a large variety of Strands and pendants: If you are going to wear a simple and elegant on yo..
12 Dec Buy Princess Cut Diamond Ring Your Beloved and Make Her Feel Like Royal
08 Nov Buy Exquisitely Designed Gemstone Rings For Your Loved Ones From Online
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Be it an engagement, wedding ceremony, birthday or graduation, gemstone rings are considered as the best gifting option for any special occasion. The main reason behind this is that they come in an elegant look and different setting styles. No matter..
02 Sep Get Unique and Attractive Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings From Online
01 Sep Explore Mamiya Jewellers E-store To Pick Hallo Engagement Ring For Your Fiancee
27 Jul Top Reasons To Buy Princess Cut Diamond Rings From Mamiya Jewellers
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