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Gemological Institute of America certified diamonds are recommended ideally for your engagement or wedding ring by Mamiya diamonds online store. They profoundly analyse a loose diamond on the basis of 4 C's (cut, clarity, colour and carats). The establishment has been working for over 50 years, to major wholesalers and industrialist whose primary establishment involves importing rough diamonds and cutting them to eventually delivering them to GIA for certification. Below are the main reasons for choosing g.i.a over other well known institutions:

  • It's highly recognised internationally as compared to others
  • GIA also inscribes a digital certificate number on diamonds girdle
  • The clarity, colour, and cut or symmetry is strictly graded without 3rd party intervention
  • The diamond certificate can be retrieved from their website link:- GIA/report 
  • GIA have maximum number of offices all over the world, hence you can also get in touch with them easily 
  • It offers various courses in their institution for young and enthusiastic individual and entrepreneurs to learn and work simultaneously
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