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At Mamiyaiamonds, we carefully and systematically understand to be bride's desire and requirement for planning her most memorable engagement ring, we also draw a sketch artist impression for any design she or her fiance would be having in their perspective while deciding upon their right diamond engagement ring which they not only would wear it for the rest of their lifes but also have a sentimental value towards it. We sell all types of rings and are also displayed in our various retail outlets across Dubai. couples who wish to order their rings online would save a lot on their flights and hotel expenses and thereby may upgrade their budget towards the ring, we provide shipment all over the world through our most trusted shipping partners like "FedEx" or "UPS".

There are various settings for an engagement ring that are most commonly appreciated, they are:

  • Hallo setting
  • Solitaire
  • channelled set rings
  • 4-claws diamond ring
  • micro setting diamond ring
  • invisible diamond setting
  • 6-claws diamond solitaire ring
  • Twin-rings (engagement and wedding combination)

An engagement ring can be either with various shapes and sizes of diamonds, few most commonly preferred shapes are:

  • round brilliant cut
  • cushion shape or fancy shape
  • princess-cut
  • oval cut
  • marquise cut
  • baguette cut
  • radiant cut
  • heart shape
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