A necklace is the prettiest accessory which is said to radiate mystical charm when worn around the neck. Designed intricately with adroit craftsmanship, necklaces give an aura of aristocracy with its bold design and hold the gaze of the beholder! Wearing an astonishing neckpiece encircles the wearer with a unique feeling of grace and sophistication, enhance your style of dressing and add the right finishing touch to the attire.  Hence, it would be right to say that the necklace is a fantastic accessory to accent any outfit as well as a certain element of status.

Necklaces have made staple adornments of ladies for ages and they keep evolving. They have come from the bead and shell ages to myriad variations that are available at present. Today, necklaces have come up with a plethora of dexterous patterns. The intricate work offering the stylish combination of metal with diamonds and gemstones offers us with unfurling designs having unique patterns and styles. A right necklace can. The best thing about the necklaces is that they can be worn by anyone and they do full justice to a graceful neck as well as can conceal the flaws of a not so perfect one. However, you just need to pay attention to the style and length to select the one which is the most suitable one for you!

As you know, depending on your choice you will find necklaces in a range of materials, style and lengths. There are certain key factors like height, body shape, face shape that can contribute to the look of a necklace. But, choosing a necklace that is right for your face shape, height, and body, of course, seems like a daunting task. Therefore, to make sure that buying a necklace never become a pain in your neck, we present you a comprehensive guide. So let’s classify the necklaces based on their lengths first.

Necklace Length guide

Necklaces are available in a variety of different lengths- 16”, 18”, 20” & 24”. Choosing the right length of the chain becomes more difficult especially if the purchase is made online. So the thumb rule is to buy two or four inches more than the width of your neck. You can drape a measuring tape around your neck to the desired length and take the measurements according to your choice or choose the one according to your face shape. Yes! Your face shape can actually determine what style and what length if necklace will suit you better. To know ‘how’, scroll down and continue reading!

  • Round/ Oval- If you a lady with a round/ oval face, look for a neckpiece that elongates the face. For an instance, you can choose the one between 20” – 24” as this will help you frame the face effortlessly and make it look like V-shape.
  • Square/ Oblong- In case, you are a pretty woman with square/ oblong shape face, a choker or shorter necklace style will help soften the sharper angles of the face and highlight a longer neck.
  • Heart shaped- Just like square shaped face ladies, shorter necklaces of length 16” – 18” would be the best choice for you to have. Small length necklaces will help you soften the face’s angles well.

Now, next comes your height! If you think that your height has no role to play in choosing a perfect necklace for you, then you are absolutely wrong! The females that are shorter or taller in height generally have the hardest time in finding a necklace that is right for them. Shorter women, often find that the long necklaces are made too long and taller women find that a necklace that is supposed to be longer, sits too short on the torso. Take a look at the below mentioned points and find the best length of necklace that perfectly complements your height.

  • Short- If you are a woman with a shorter frame of 5’4” or below, then you need to get the neckpiece that helps elongate your frame.  But that doesn’t mean you will have to get the one that hang too low. However, if you are looking for a shorter one go for 16”-18” length, as this should fit your proportions correctly and whilst looking at a longer one, try between 20”-24”.
  • Tall- Tall girls are damn lucky as they can wear any necklace length, but longer styles will look stunning as they will accentuate your height. If you are willing to buy a shorter style necklace, do ensure that its size complements your face shape before your buy!
  • Regular height- Just like tall girls, you can also wear any necklace length. For women with a height between 5’4” – 5’7” it is advisable to say that choose your necklace considering your face shape and body type.   

 Furthermore, the next factors which are often overlooked when choosing necklace length are body type and neck size. Yes! It might be surprising for you to know this but they do matter. For women, the size of your bust truly determines how a necklace will sit against the body. For an instance, if you are a woman with larger busts, a shorter necklace is just the right choice for you. You should avoid wearing the longer ones of around 24” as they won’t sit comfortably. However, if you have smaller bust, then longer or layered necklaces will look great on you.

Same goes to your neck size if you have thicker neck then you should avoid chokers as this will make your neckline look shorter. But if you have a long, thin neck, then a choker will lend you an elegant grace and can do wonders in drawing attention to your pleasing features.   

  • Pear shaped body- As your body is smaller on the top you need to look for a necklace that helps broaden your shoulders. So for you necklaces that are 18”- 24” in length will look great as they sit just above your bust and draw attention to your upper body.
  • Athletic- The ladies that have an athletic shape can wear any type of necklace, although longer necklaces would be an ideal option for you as it has the unique capability to accentuate your features well.
  • Hourglass- Are you a lady with hourglass shape body? If yes, try necklace that perfectly sits on your décolletage to help accentuate your curves.
  • Inverted Triangle- Women with broader shoulder and thin waist should opt for longer length necklaces because a longer one will help bring the eye down to your waist and thus highlight the smallest part of your body.

Now that you have understood the tried and tested rules that you need to follow to find out which necklace suits you, it’s time to see what necklace suits the neckline of your outfit. We know that like very women you also want to have a necklace that accentuates your features and complements your outfit. So once you have decided on the outfit you are going to wear, here comes another bewildering situation to choose the perfect

  • Halter neck- Usually, a halter neckline dresses give an impression of a narrow V-shape. So a simple, short necklace with a slim pendant that has a pointed end would be a great choice for a dresser with halter necks.
  • V neck- For a V-shaped neckline, any necklace the matches the shape of V, like a V-shaped pendant are just the right choice. However, you can choose a particular set depending on the width of the V, wide or narrow.
  • Scoop neck- In scoop neck dresses as there is space to fill, you should go for a layered beaded necklace or chunkier ones or a shorter pendants with volume
  • Turtle neck- For your turtleneck outfit, there is nothing better than long chains or pendants. It will actually add grace to your personality highlight your features that need to be.
  • Strapless- Chokers are meant to be worn with the strapless dresses. Yes! It’s true. Chokers make up an excellent accessory when worn with strapless dresses.
  •  Cowl neck- Short pendant or choker or a single string of beads will look good with this neckline.
  • Crew neck- For a crew neck, short necklaces like collar or bib style are suitable.
  • Asymmetric necklines- Remember asymmetric goes with asymmetric! So if your dress has an asymmetric neckline, go for a necklace that also has an asymmetric design or you can also try a long string of mixture of beads of different shapes.  

Necklace is one of the essential parts of women’s attire that make her beauty and charm increase four folds when chosen appropriately. Hence, this is the reason why you shouldn’t wait till the last minute to finalize it nor you should begin your search with any jewelry store you encounter first. Rather it would be great if you make your selection with one of the best