Diamonds are forever! They are one of the world’s most valued natural resource, needless to mention one of the highly desired gemstones as well. Standing tall as an emblem of love, hallmark of wealth, status, class and elitism- diamond studded jewelry truly symbolizes endless love and makes up the best gift to be given to loved ones. Diamond jewelry is a timeless classic adornment which takes us beyond the realm of time. Diamonds are women’s best friend, as the famous adage goes owning a few sparklers is every women’s dream and men should know that diamond jewelry is one of the things they can turn to if they want to impress their women.

So if you want your lady love to fall for you all the more again, just get a piece of diamond jewelry for her. Yes! You read it right. Buy a piece of alluring jewelry for her and make her feel loved like never before. But, remember diamond jewelry is not something that could be easily understood by everybody, especially if you are a first time buyer you may find that buying a perfect adornment for your love is an overwhelming task. Therefore, the best way for you to go for is Online!!

Why Buy Diamond Jewelry Online?

  • Huge Selection at your finger tip

When you visit a jewelry store, you usually have limited variety in hand. No matter, how big the store is, definitely it will not be having thousands of options to show you like in the case of the online jewelry store is. Hence, the biggest advantage of going online is obvious- there is a piece for every craving and every budget at just a few clicks. Plus, you can find truly unique jewelry items which you won’ find anywhere else.


  • Easy and Convenient Shopping

Well, what can be better than sitting on the couch of your home and shopping a perfect piece of jewelry simply by using a click of a mouse? No annoying salesman, no time pressure- just you, your laptop/ phone and the diamond jewelry. You just have to choose a store, browse through the collection and take your pick. It is as simple and easy as that.


  • More information and better view

The internet is a pool of information, you can get any type of information, and you can find anything. You can learn about the 4C’s of diamonds, you can compare the prices on various stores, you can have access to a wider selection, can take online guidance to find a perfect piece, learn how to judge the quality, know what to look for and all this at one single platform, i.e. the Internet.


  • Better Prices

Last but not the least! When buying online, it is not just the store which is saving money on the seller and rental space, but you are also saving a significant amount of money on your purchases. Shopping for jewelry online means you can directly make your purchases from the manufacturers and hence, saving your hard earned money.


Now that you have perused the reasons or advantages of why one should buy diamond jewelry online. However, the problem is when it comes to buying precious jewelry online consumers often come across a dizzying array of choices in terms of quality, styles and prices. Plus, they also encounter uncertainties of spending significant amount on something which is sight-unseen. No doubt, there are certain risks in buying diamond jewelry online and to help you overcome them, we have come up with some safety tips that you can follow in order to save yourself from fraudulence.


How To Buy Diamond Jewelry Online?

  • Know the basics:

Buying diamond jewelry is far from being simple. It is a subject of concern which involves lots of emotions and of course a great deal of money. So before you plunge for buying a piece of jewelry, know the basic information about the four C’s of diamond.


Have an idea about what you are looking for beforehand, otherwise, websites will overwhelm you with myriad of choices. If you have find what exactly you were looking for, don’t forget to dig into details and find out information about color, clarity, gold quality, measurements and everything.


  • Buy Certified Diamond jewelry only

It is highly recommended that when you are buying jewelry go for gemological certificate diamond jewelry only. These certificates are issued by world recognized gemological institutes like GIA, HRD or IGI and they state all of the characteristics (carat, color, clarity and cut) of diamonds that are used.


Indeed, you may find a few


  • Choose a registered and reputed retailer/ wholesaler

When you are shopping from an online store, you don’t really know who operates the website. Even the most appealing website can be a honey trap. It might seem to be difficult to check if the website is trustworthy, but it is not. The diamond industry is highly regulated so all the information is available at your single click and is easy to be verified.


You can simply Google the company, ask for certifications and find out whether or not they are registered. Or you can even browse through the internet to check the customer rapport they have earned and peruse the reviews of the previous customers.


  • Check for the secured payment options

When you are making your purchases online, it is utmost important for an individual to make sure that their data and credit information is kept secured. However, with the purpose to eliminate the risk of data interception, manipulation or recipient impersonation by unauthorized parties, many online jewelry stores guarantee that all the information provided by the customers for payment and registration purposes is automatically encrypted.

Hence, to make sure this you can ask for customer service or you can check on the top that during payment process you are in HTTPS URL or not.


  • Return, Lost/ Damaged Policy

Most good online stores provide 14 days money back guarantee in case the customer is unhappy with the purchase. So before your take your final step and proceed for payment, go through the return/ exchange/ refund policy and read all clause very carefully. And if a store doesn’t have its return policy posted somewhere on the website, just hop to some other website.


  • Manner of shipment

The most important thing that one needs to consider about purchasing jewelry online is the carrier used by the store. Some of the well known and reputed carriers such as UPS, FedEx, or Express Mail services, these are insured for the full value of the contents offers fast, safe and reliable services. If the jeweler you have chosen is using any of these or any similar carriers to deliver your purchases, then luckily you are at the right place.

However, if you are still pondering about should I buy

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