Wondering how to buy a perfect diamond ring?


The answers for all the lovers are here with our online ecommerce store. You can browse several types of rings online & eventually get confused to which ring would be the most desired in bringing an Everlasting smile on your fiancé's face


We have put forward the below points before you can contemplate into a decision of buying a ring online:-

·         Avoid nasty and thirty websites, who show products that aren’t basically their own , and they post pictures with very low prices to allure buyers

·         Be vigilant in choosing the diamond ring from only the picture and not seeing them in actual. Many a times the images are zoomed inn or edited with Photoshop and various other applications to make an actual small ring look very gigantic. Hence it will be ideal decision to get in touch with the website or the store owner or their representative to show you the actual image of the ring worn in the hand.

·         Check Google and Tripadvisor of the same store before you make your decision. It would be an added advantage to see good reviews of the diamond ring store that you prefer to buy your ring from. It the online store has many positive reviews, that would be an assurance that you are buying from the right company and you would be availing the value for money.

·         Enquire the store owner, if they have after sales service:- many a times it has been noticed that the store owners do not respond or are reluctant to clients who have purchased a ring from them and return to ask for some assistance. The client may want to alter the size, or fix a fallen diamond off the ring. It would be a very delightful experience for every client to receive the after sales service from their online jeweler at all times.



With Mamiya diamonds online store, all the above points are looked into very carefully, every client is entertained and asked to share their whatsapp or email address, so our sales representative shall send them the real and up to date prices and specifications for each diamond ring that they are choosing or have enquired for.