Diamond symbolizes true love, devotion and commitment to many and for some, it is a symbol of strength, and the promise of eternal happiness. That's the reason when we say engagement rings, it is diamonds that strikes a glitter! Engagement rings hold high significance in every couple's life and the moment the ring slips into finger it changes the course of your life and takes you along with the man/woman you choose to live. Every couple has a dream of buying a unique precious diamond engagement ring that melts his/her partner in love and bliss. And being offered by one is, of course, one of the most memorable moments in a bride's or groom's life.


These rings represent a formal agreement in a relationship and this custom of exchanging rings on engagement is a time-honored tradition that has been carried on for centuries and still continues. However, diamond rings have undergone many changes. Today, these rings are available in wide variety of beautiful designs and settings. In fact, traditionally designed engagement rings are also available according to the requirement of the customers offering uniqueness in design and reflecting changing fashions.


However, if you are truly interested in finding a unique ring that is meant just for your soon-to-be-bride and no one else, just create your own custom engagement ring. Simple! Custom engagement rings are among the most beautiful choices because they are custom made gifts from the heart that virtually no one else in the world would have. True? Of course! Designing an elegant ring for your beloved is not a difficult process. But if you think that doing so is completely off the wall and you have absolutely no creativity, here's how to do it. Scroll down and continue reading.


Women's Custom Engagement Ring


  • Firstly, decide what you want. Yes! There are a lot of sources to derive inspiration from. Browse through the internet, check out what types of rings are out there in the market and which one is the most popular at present. You can talk to your beloved's friends to know what kind of rings she likes, what is her taste and preferences for color of the stones, what kind of band, the cut of the stone, setting she would love to wear.
  • Secondly, set the budget that you can afford. Purchasing a custom engagement ring can be more costly than purchasing an in-stock ring. And you definitely would not want to start your married life in financially unstable circumstances, so it is advisable to decide your budget before making a big move.
  • Thirdly, find a quality designer. Finding a designer to shape your inspiration into reality is probably the hardest part of the ordeal. You need a jewellery designer who will work with you and sketch out the exact ring you want in your desired type of band, setting, cut, design and shape.


A jewellery designer is a professional who is able to look at a photo or drawing or listen to a customer's preferences, and then create the item as per the specific requirements. A good custom jeweller provides you with sketches or computer drawings of the final product before starting on the job. Now that if you are wondering would a custom designed ring be right for you, then you don't need to worry! Here are some advantages that are sure to fling you out from the dire predicament.

Advantages of Custom Engagement Ring


  • Be different

No doubt, you may not have the creativity of Picasso but just think how much your significant other is going to love the fact that you actually tried. You are definitely going to make her fall for you all the more again.

  • You are getting exactly what you want

By designing and creating an engagement ring for your beloved on your own, you get exactly what you want. You can have the confidence that your designed ring is sure to be well received. Buying a custom ring ensures that you are getting the best for your money whilst allowing you to make the tiniest details concerning claws, settings, engraving, side stones, etc. and everything. 

  • Take the time

It's true that customizing a ring on own is a time consuming and arduous process. But believe me, once you do this, you will see that it's a wonderful idea to have. After all, there's nothing wrong in going an extra mile for the one that you love. However, if you need your ring for tonight or tomorrow, then a custom designed ring is not the solution for you.

  • Better for the budget

Well, it is one of the biggest advantages of custom engagement ring. Yes! Of course. It gives us the chance to craft a unique design that suits your taste and fits in your budget. Even if you just want to have the same style of ring as that of a celebrity, your jeweller will create an excellent reproduction that too at a lesser cost.


Now that you have got a perfect design that complements your beloved's personality, what can be more disappointing than finding out that the ring you bought needs to be re-sized before you wear it. Especially when you are buying a ring online you don't get a chance to wear it before buying it, perhaps you are sure to get yourself in the trouble. So to ensure that the ring you have personalized for your soul mate fits into her finger like a charm, here are two simple methods that you can try at home and determine the exact size.


How To Find Ring Size


String test


  • Cut a small piece of thread, string or ribbon from a spool.
  • MEASURE: Wrap it snugly around your finger to get an accurate measurement.
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  • DETERMINE: Compare your measurement with a sizing chart which is readily available on the internet.

But before you proceed with it remember you don't have to wrap the string too tight rather aim for a comfortable, snug fit. For the most accuracy, double check your measurement and it would be much better to have someone's help in measuring.


Secret Test


  • Take a printout of the chart of ring size circles from the internet.
  • Get the ring that your beloved currently wears.
  • Make sure she wears the ring on the same finger for which you are shopping.
  • MEASURE: Place the ring on the top of each circle until you find the exact match.
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  • DETERMINE: Do ensure that the match perfectly fits inside the ring.
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  • CHECK: Don't forget to double check for the most accuracy.
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It's no denying fact that purchasing fantastic


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