Are you wondering how to show your pure and pristine love to someone very special on your Engagement? Go and try to please her with something unique. And when it comes to showing your true love and devotion, nothing can match the charm of designer engagement rings. The reason behind that is your creativity and love that involved in it. Buying an engagement ring for your loved one is actually a splendid gesture. It displays your unconditional love, boundless passion, and commitments that holds the two souls together.

The Jeweler hammers the metal around the diamond to hold the stone in the place. So, this setting is not suited for the soft stones as there is a risk of cracking down in the process.

This is the most popular choice for engagement bands, as diamond rests securely in the band of the ring and is therefore highly preventive from falling out of the band.

  • Solitaire Setting:- This is the most common classic ring setting that holds the diamond tightly, gripping it in the place. In this setting, the solitaire can be rounded, pointed, flat, or V-shaped. The greatest benefit of this setting is that it contains the minimum presence of the metal.

Most of these settings feature four to six prongs to see and reflect more light to pass through the diamond and thus adding the more brilliance to the stone.


It is quite simple to clean and maintain. Therefore, it offers the classic and timeless look. When the wearer owns it, will accentuate and complements of her look. It elevates the stone, making it more prominent and noticed.

  • Micro Setting:- Micro Pave Settings involves small diamonds, sits closer with the help of tiny metal beads. The close setting of these small stones surrounds the continuous surface of the diamonds and called a halo setting.

This setting adds the brilliance and sparkles to the

  • Pressure Setting:- Pressure Setting is an exception where 7 or more smaller diamonds sit together using a few prongs such that it gives the appearance of a single large diamond or solitaire. In traditional pressure setting, no prongs are used to hold the center diamond.

The under pressure is applied by the outer diamonds to make the center diamond to sit in its place. This setting adds sparkle to the ring and makes the center stone appear extremely gigantic.

  • Twin Engagement Setting:- This is actually a double halo setting which is a sumptuous setting adorned with the twinkling diamond and double band. Two rows of diamond-filled band sparkles the finger and complete the glamorous look.
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  • Cluster Setting:- A cluster setting is a typical cluster formation stones that are tightly together in order to look like a large diamond. It can contain a larger center stone or cluster together with the stones of equal size. So, choose the one that suits you!

It completely adorns a unique look with plenty of dimension and texture. And when it comes to cost, it is an affordable yet stylish piece. If your fiancé is having smaller hands or fingers, this setting complements her deeply. So, be quick to select your favorite setting.

Whatever your ring setting will be, it is the great support of your entire ring design. Selection of a particular setting highly depends on the personal style and priorities. If you think that love knows no bound, then Micro Setting, Twin Engagement Ring, Solitaire and more settings are all made for you. Some of the settings act better to the active wearer who usually spends time working out of the house, while other for those who do not work much with their hands. All designs are embedded with high-standard stones. So, it does completely depend on the wearability factor.

Once you are done with choosing the setting according to your comfort, style, and taste, you need to look for a diamond that not only fits into it but also compliments its style and it should be well-supported by the setting that you select previously. If you are concerned about selecting an exquisite Women Engagement Rings, be in touch with our team of professionals who will help and guide you review settings and ensure you got the selected piece for your better half.

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