With so many diamonds to choose from finding the one that is best for you is a bit difficult. Though, everyone’s diamond choice is unique, few points are essential for everyone to follow in order to finding the gem that worth the money. Whether you are buying your gemstone online or at a physical jewelry store, you will find these points to be helpful. So, let’s start explaining all these essential diamond buying factors step by step here.

  1. The very first step towards purchasing your dream gemstone is identifying the ideal diamond shape for you. If you are buying it for someone special in your life, try finding out what shape they would prefer. If you fail to do so, choosing a princess cut diamond or round brilliant cut gem for them will prove to be an ultimate choice.
  2. The second most essential step in the process of purchasing a true value stone is that set the minimum carat weight of the rock. Clearly, the carat weight of your gem is based on your budget; it is also a reflection of your choice.

Now is the time for considering color and clarity of your diamond and then making a selection based on all these factors mentioned above. This way, you will come closer to your dream diamond that fits your budget and meets the criteria.

Shape Buying Tips for Diamond Buyers

While price and quality of the gemstone are solely dependent on the purchaser’s choice, the shape of a diamond should be based on recipient’s choice. As you know, everyone has a shape preference, gifting that someone special in your life with their choice of shape of gemstone will be a truly awesome experience for both of you. The shape is especially important for fancy shaped diamonds.

However, if you are uncertain about a recipient’s shape preferences, then going for a round brilliant cut or princess cut diamond always proves to be a safer choice. The reason behind this fact is that these two shapes out of several popular diamond shapes never go out of fashion. Secondly, unlike any other gem shape, these two cut shapes accommodate almost any setting. Thirdly, both of these shapes, especially the RBC (round brilliant cut shape diamond) have exceptional brilliance and scintillation than any other diamond shapes.

Another most important diamond shape buying tip is that you must consider the Length to Width ratio of your gemstone. If you are confused about your preferences in terms of perfect length and width ratio, first choose a shape of your choice then start looking various diamonds of that particular shape within different length and width ratio until you find your perfect stone. Most famous Dubai jewelry shops provide their customers with best advice possible on this matter. Hence, if you are facing difficulty in finding a gem of your ideal length and width ratio, you can seek expert advice at a jewelry shop of your choice in UAE.

Carat Buying Tips for Diamond Buyers

Do you know about popular diamond carat weights? Some of the most popular diamond carat weights are ½ ct., ¾ ct., 1/3 ct., etc. So, why these carat weights are considered as the most popular ones? This is because these diamonds fall just shy of the full carat weights such as 1 ct., 2 ct., etc.; hence these are sold at slightly a lower price as compared to diamonds with full carat weight. This means that a 0.90ct. Diamond will be less expensive than that of a full 1.00ct. gemstone.  So, here is the most important advice on buying a diamond that fits your budget but looks like a stone with heavier carat weight, read carefully the following passage of this blog.

Always look for gemstone that falls just under popular carat weights mentioned above. Since, slight weight difference is indistinguishable, both, a 0.90ct weight gem and 1.0ct weight gem, seem  identical in weight. In fact, sometimes, a smaller carat weight gemstone has diameter equal to that of a higher caret weight stone. So, when you view these stones from above, both appear the same dimension.

Usually, diamond jewelry receivers have the strongest choices when it comes to carat and shape of the rock. Considering this fact, it is advised to you that while selecting a diamond for them, always look for an actual size of a loose diamond in a setting. This will allow you to gauge not only the size of the diamond you are intending to buy but also it will give you a clear idea on how it would look in a setting.

Another important advice is that when looking for

Cut Buying Tips for Diamond Buyers

If you have been a consistent reader of our previous blogs form this series, you were aware of the term diamond cut. Cut of a diamond create exceptional sparkle and brilliance of a gemstone. In short, a cut is responsible for the overall appearance of a diamond. So, if you have two gemstones with different cuts, look for the one that outshines the other. This is because, even with excellent color or clarity, a gem will appear dull if it is not cut properly. Conversely, a well cut diamond will look excellent indifferent of its lower clarity or color grades. So, for round gems, choose Very Good or Excellent cut grades whilst for a fancy shaped diamond, go for Good or Better cut grades. Always avoid buying poor cut grades gems. You should know that many of the prestigious

Color Buying Tips for Diamond Buyers

Identifying a diamond’s color is the most difficult task and you should always distinguish a color grade side by side under the controlled lighting conditions. Also, if a diamond is placed in a setting and is being looked in an environment that contains color, it will become next to impossible to distinguish the actual color grade of that diamond.

And even though, you compare gems side by side and consider the background lighting in which you are examining the diamonds for their color, here is the most important color buying tip for you – always prefer larger gems as color becomes easier to detect in larger size gems. In short, if you are buying a 1 carat gem, always prefer gems with color grades between G and H. though, if your rock is under the one carat weight, then go for diamonds with color grades between I to J.

Another useful tip here is that always give importance to higher cuts over higher color of a rock. The most important factor is a diamond’s brilliance that is due to its excellent cut. Hence, investing in a higher cut gem is important for you.

Clarity Buying Tips for Diamond Buyers

If you want a crystal clear gem, choose diamonds coming with VVS2 certification. Then, VS1 and VS2 diamonds are also look almost flawless to the necked eye and are comparatively lesser expansive than truly flawless rocks with VVS2 certification.

If you give preference to size and price over inclusions, then I1 is the best clarity option for you. Though, inclusions in these gemstones are too big to be visible to the unaided eyes. Likewise, brilliant-cut gems like oval, Marquise, Round, Pear, Princess, and Cushions look clearer than step-cut gems such as Asscher and Emerald. Here, if you want a clear diamond for you in step cut shape buy gems with VS2 instead of SI1 color grade.

Certification Buying Tips for Diamond Buyers

There are several different laboratories that provide certifications to diamonds. In short, each lab issues a certification for a gem that is different from other labs. This is so why, only few labs in the marketplace have a strong reputation. Take, for example, AGS – American Gem society, GIA, IGI, HRD, and EGL. Still, you must be aware of the price of your chosen diamond that is graded by two different laboratories. Always buy a gem certified by a trusted lab. Deny buying diamonds that are certified by individual retailers even though they claim to be GIA trained gemologists.

At last, keep your diamond certification in a safe place. When you are going to trade it off or resale it, the certification will provide essential information about your gem. Also, when you leave your diamond at a jewelry shop for cleaning purpose, let the professionals know that you possess a certificate for your jewel. This will obscure the experts from switching the jewel for a lower quality gemstone.

So these are various critical points you should consider while purchasing your gemstone. Read them all carefully to avoid any mistakes. Hope, these points will prove to be a great help to you.