Exotic and elegant engagement rings in today's world have become certainly a need as they promise the beginning of an eternal journey of love and affection. These bands replicate your love and excitement and so have to be exceptional and graceful just like your pure love. Marriage is a crucial ceremony, but it is the engagement that cements the relationship and renders a partial validity to the relationship. Gone are those days when engagement ceremonies were not given much of significance, now the bands exchanged on that special day have become a style symbol for all.

If one has to choose engagement or wedding bands for that special day, then there is no better alternative than diamond rings. It lets you cherish reminiscences for a lifetime. A modern and an independent woman would always want to wear a diamond and what better juncture could it be if it is been given to her by her would-be partner on their special engagement day. Diamond ornaments lasts forever and so to gift your beloved one a diamond band is the perfect way of expressing your true and endless love and feelings.

Getting engaged signifies the beginning of a new life altogether, a lifetime promise with some responsibilities. A lady always looks up to the man in her life to make engagement day special so that she could remember and celebrate it for the rest of her life. So if you really care and love your would-be life partner, you ought to make that day very special for her. This can be done by exchanging beautiful diamond engagement rings which reflect your feelings, personalities as well as the never-ending love.

Engagement of love birds happens once in a lifetime and the bands exchanged on that special occasion are very crucial. Knowing the significance and value of the engagement day, ornament designers have started providing trendy and unique ornaments which can be afforded by all kind of customers.

Diamond ornaments which are affordable are designed in such a way that they reflect the same sophistication and grace as given by a pure diamond. White or yellow gold could also be used in place of platinum to make the band budget-friendly. Consequently, these bands make the engagement and other wedding ceremonies a very special one without discomforting much the pocket of buyers.

The Importance of Engagement and wedding Bands

Every culture and tradition has its own customs behind engagement bands. No matter what the rings indicate, they have become a ritual for people all over the world to be worn prior to wedding.

In each culture across the world there are diverse customs and meanings when it comes to engagement or wedding rings. In the Western society, females wear engagement rings when they accept marriage proposal from the man. She then wears the band on her left-hand ring finger to illustrate that she has made a promise to the man and ready to marry him. Then at the wedding day, the lady gets a second ring to represent that she is now married to his love partner. At this time the woman also offers a ring to the man in the same way and with same purpose.

Some Most Popular Engagement Rings are:- 

Solitaire Diamond Rings

A solitaire diamond band represents ceaseless love and the indestructible bond of marriage. From all sorts of engagement and wedding bands available these days in the market, one of the most popular and in high demand are classy and elegant solitaire diamond bands because they are timeless and have very attractive appeal. A large number of women appreciate the grace and stylishness of solitaire diamond bands because they always complement present day fashion trend in perfect way. This is the reason why they are sometime referred as “Diamond Rings are forever".

Halo engagement rings:-

Tiny small diamonds set around a solitaire diamond, to enhance the look and make the diamond ring look bigger, each halo can be multiplied or you can increase to single line or double line hallo. An halo ring can be set inside cushion or round or emerald cut solitaire diamond ring.

Micros pave Diamond Bands:-

The type of bands look very appealing and attractive but very delicate kind of bands since the band itself is encrusted with small stones which make it more graceful and stunning to look at. The ornament itself shins because of the small gemstones that are encrusted to the small metal parts of the ornament.


This kind of ornament is very presentable and eye-catching when worn by a beautiful bride. This has a voguish and chic kind of design image. They also have diverse kinds of styles and designs to select from. They come under expensive as well as inexpensive categories which all depend  on the gemstone and design of the micro pave ornament itself.

Princess cut diamond Rings:-

Princess cut diamond bands have the shine, sheen, fire and luster of a round cut gemstone. This ornament looks stunning as a solitaire band, although they can be paired with other small diamonds or other kind of gemstones to form an astonishing piece of art. One thing that makes a princess cut timeless, is its unique designs and trendy look.

Pear cut diamond rings:-

Pear cut diamond rings are certainly the most popular rings amongst the wedding couples.   They are widely used for engagement and wedding ceremonies, but are also very commonly used for birthday, anniversary gifts and all other special occasions. The great thing about these types of ornaments is that they come in every price range. Therefore, you can choose and acquire them according to your taste without overdoing your pocket.

Rings with Side stones:-

These types of bands are usually designed with gemstones inserted into the sides of the ring, which can be made using any metal like gold depending on your taste. Some side gemstone bands also come with a big diamond at the middle. You can, in fact, personally customize your gemstone according to the taste of your beloved one.

Cocktail Ring:-

This extra sized engagement band has a big diamond set at the middle which looks very stunning and attractive. Also called as cluster band, it is also worn and gifted on special occasions like anniversary, birthday etc.

Emerald cut Diamond rings:-

Emerald cut diamond rings has beautiful rectangular cut with cropped corners overhanging at its four ends. The cut looks very unique and appealing and thus gaining high popularity, especially amongst the young generation.


Choose the Right Diamond for your beloved

Remember that engagement or wedding diamond rings are the gift that you and your loved one will wear forever, so it must be chosen carefully while keeping in mind the significance of event or occasion. 

If you are seeking to acquire diamonds that is not only beautiful and attractive but also original and certified, you must be aware with the four C's of diamonds. These four factors of diamonds are color, clarity, cut and carat. These four factors of diamond will aid in determining the quality of the diamond that you are buying and will aid you to make certain you are getting a fair deal.

Where to Purchase Engagement Diamond Rings?

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