Every special moment in life calls for a gorgeous, beautiful diamond. However, if you can afford it, you should not wait for any occasion to make your loved one happy with stunning diamond jewelry. These are rare! These are beautiful! Surely, these are a symbol of love! But, is this all that people are so crazy about a diamond? Surely not since diamond, practically, is not a functional souvenir. This is because, they have limited practical use. So, why people buy a diamond? In this blog you will read about some psychological reasons behind growing trend of people purchasing this gemstone.  

Diamonds are Considered as a Symbol of Love

Do you know that diamonds possess many characteristics than any other gemstone in the world? This beautiful jewel holds rare characters like clarity, durability, and longevity. These qualities make diamonds extremely valuable especially as a present. When you choose to signify your relationship with a diamond then it is considered as an expression of eternal love. This also means that just like a diamond’s endurance your love also has an ability to survive tough times in the life. So, people like you buy a diamond as a symbol of endurance.   

A Buyer’s Mindset towards Purchasing a Diamond!

Usually a consumer purchase for diamond is influenced greatly by economical factors, cultural and psychological behavior. People often relate a diamond purchase to one of their emotions, such as a reward for a triumph, romance, etc. Since, people always attach their emotions to an extravagance, purchasing a pricey diamond well defines why people buy a diamond.  

To understand a buyer’s mindset in detail, here are given few psychological reasons behind a diamond’s spectacular increase in popularity.  

Let’s Rejoice!

When there is a special event in one’s life, to mark its importance and to celebrate the moment to its fullest, people buy a diamond. Take for example, for a couple’s diamond wedding anniversary, nothing can be as perfect as a diamond to mark the celebration.

People Desire for Something Truly Remarkable!

Diamonds are rare. Then, their 4C’s adds to this quality. And so, a diamond becomes truly special. Usually a person gifts a diamond to a dear one symbolizing all their virtues. In short, a diamond is presented as a true reflection to the receiver’s inner beauty and grace.  

Diamond as Redemption!

Diamonds for Making the Right Impression

When you want to make someone realize all your love and care for them, you choose none other than a diamond for this motivation. The gem helps you truly express your emotions for someone special in your life and open your heart to them.

To Reflect a Diamond’s Qualities!

Oftentimes, people buy diamond as an expression of someone’s personality. In other words, if you want to mark a few traits of someone’s personality like inner strength, fire, sparkle, and reliability then mark it with a precious diamond. Then again, people buy a diamond to reflect their own personality through it such as distinctive, vibrant, dazzling personality traits.

Diamonds that You Worth!

It’s common that people measure their self worth by a precious gemstone that they possess. The quality, size, value, and the price of a gem often decide a people’s worth. Likewise, when presented to someone, a diamond also lets the receiver assess their importance in the eyes of the presenter.  

Diamonds as a Mark of an Achievement!

It’s natural to buy a gem just to mark one’s own achievements or someone else’s. When you accomplish certain goals in your life, you just want to congratulate and celebrate yourself with nice diamond jewelry.

Diamonds as a Promise!

When you want to make someone realize that he/she is at the top of your mind, you buy a diamond. This is the moment when you cannot decide on a gift, you buy a diamond thinking that you cannot go wrong with a gorgeous diamond!

So, basically there is the sentimentality that plays a greater role in purchasing a precious diamond. If there is an important event of your life, say, engagement, then it’s your sentimentality that is the imperative reason behind your diamond purchase. What’s more, to mark such an enormous event of your life, you will buy a diamond that will exactly carry that emotional influence.

Though, people also buy a valuable gemstone for the investment purposes. However, you should remember that behind such sort of purchase emotion is not the driving factor here. And the sense of attaining something valuable is based on mere practicality.  

Whatever be the reason, people buy diamonds either to show their love and emotions to someone special in their lives or to invest in it. But, apart from psychological reasons, what else does influence people to invest their hard earned money in diamonds? Here are explained top two qualities of a gemstone people crazily buy diamonds for.

  • Provenance – extremely rare diamonds have a provenance that is one of the most important factors affecting the value of the stone.
  • Reputable Source – as important as considering its provenance is seeing who is trading your gemstone. Buying your stone from a reputable

For evaluating a jewelry store, you need to do a fare share of research. You can rely on references coming from people you trust. Else, you can search for a renowned online or physical jewelry store on the internet.   

Now, in the concluding part of this blog, let’s find out why you should buy a diamond online.

Just comprehend this simple line – buy a diamond online only if you want to pay lesser for it than a physical store!

Yes, there are several benefits to buying a stone online. The very first reason is that you will get cheaper prices online for the same diamond at a physical store. Secondly, when you purchase online, you will get almost unbiased opinion on a gemstone. In contrast, at a physical store the salesman gets higher incentive for selling a less desirable diamond. What’s worst, you cannot return your piece of diamond jewelry once you have purchased it and found that it is not up to the mark. Here is an important piece of advice – prefer a reputable online store for your diamond purchase over a physical store where there are greater chances that you may fall into sales trap.  

Why a Physical Jewelry Store is not Reliable?

Running a physical diamond store is not easy. Unlike any other business, profit margin for a diamond store is pretty low so much so that it, sometimes, not enough o cover all the expenses of the retailer. Then, stocking of the store is another big issue that leaves greater impact on a diamond’s price at a particular outlet. It means that for filling all the racks in a store, retailer has to invest an unimaginable amount of money that, obviously, he/she doesn’t possess. So, for a proper stoking, the retailer buys the gemstone on credit from the diamond wholesaler, takes the rocks on consignment, or just borrows the money from a bank. Now, to cover up all the additional costs, the price of the rocks at the said store will automatically be higher. Then, for having a fully staffed store, retailer has to spend a big deal of money. He/she also has to pay out a huge amount of money on rent and maintenance of the storefront. All these factors influence a diamond’s price greatly.  

Why Online Stores Offer Cheaper Price?

The reason is simple. Most of the renowned online jewelers like this jewelry store in Dubai don’t own their diamond inventory. These online retailers contact directly to a diamond wholesaler or manufacturer. This way, they list the inventory but don’t actually own it. Instead, they list their inventory directly from the diamond suppliers without purchasing even a single stone. Apparently, they don’t need to invest a big deal of money on running an inventory. This is so why an online retailer is able to sale a diamond at a lesser price than any physical store out there.

Then, an online diamond seller can save a huge amount of money on the maintenance and rent of the store. They also don’t have to pay for furnishing and all. This also affects greatly your diamond’s price. However, before buying a stone online, you just make sure that it is an authenticated o line shop and you get a proper certification for the diamond you buy from them. This way, you will surely find a good deal.