After Choosing your Diamond and Gold Rings, we always get confuse for the ring sizes. Ring sizes makes a bit difficult to measure especially when you are not present at the store and you are ordering online your jewelries.

Below are some easy way to find out your ring size. Ring sizes can be measure in US RING SIZE, UK RING SIZE, RING SIZE IN MM, NORMAL RING SIZE (EU SIZE).

From this all-Normal Ring size & EU ring size is universal ring size, based on the mm, and diameter of the ring.

UK Size measures alphabetically, starting from A-Z. e.g. Size K, Size H, Size LUS Size measures in numeric numbers. e.g. 4 US Size, 5 US Size, US 6.5 Size.

Generally standard Ring sizes are in 6.5 US size, later its possible to make small & big as required and as per the ring design.

To measure the ring sizes ,

1) Measure with String

2) Measure with Ring Size Kit

3) Measure with your sample ring.

Ring size kits are available in market also, you can place sizer around your finger, lock it at the specific point and measure it, as the dimensions mentioned on it are either in MM or CM, so its easy to measure it.

As well you can measure your ring size with measuring tap at home for temporary mean.

The main measurement for any ring size is MM measurement, sizes in UK, USA, THILAND or any will be converted MM only at the end.You can give your Sample ring to your jeweler for perfect size, rest other ways as mentioned above.