Diamonds are trendy fashion accessory worn by both, men and women for over five millennia. They can add splash of style to one’s personality and dress up your looks. However, choosing a perfect ear ornament is next to impossible as choices are innumerable. Not only because there is a huge collection of diamond earrings to choose from but also because they don’t come cheap. Hence, you need to be extremely careful while picking up the best pair of diamond earrings for you. You have to invest a good deal of money in buying an ideal earing set and this is so because, considering few most important things is quintessential when you shop for a special ear ornament that contain a diamond. Selection can be based on many parameters and the following part of this blog post will discuss many of them in detail in order to assist you in finding real love diamond pair studs for you.

Consider 4C’s to Assess Diamond Quality

Diamond quality is directly linked to the price; hence, you should assess diamond’s quality using 4C’s to make sure you buy the best quality for the price your budget allows. Here are these 4C’s:     

  1. Color – it is worthless to choose a transparent diamond that ranks high on a D to Z Color Scale. This is because of the fact that diamonds tend to reflect anything near them. This means, whatever the base they will be set in, will be reflected through the diamonds. Hence, instead of choosing pricey, colorless jewel, choose one that lowers on the above said color scale. This way, you will cut the cost of your diamond earring.
  2. Cut – diamond’s sparkle quality depends upon the way the gem has been cut. A diamond with brilliant cut facet arrangement will provide you with excellent sparkle. Always look for a diamond’s Excellent or Very God cut grades while choosing a sparkling gem for you.
  3. Clarity – a diamond on the lower position of a clarity scale is considered as of good value.
  4. Carat Weight – pick a diamond of 0.50ct or 0.75ct, if you can afford. If you want to save some money, you can choose a diamond that is slightly below above mentioned carat sizes. Though, don’t let the carat weight cloud your decision as a poorly cut diamond can be of 0.50ct but it can look dull or lifeless. Likewise, a diamond on the upper end of D to Z Color Scale will be opaque and will not look bright.

How to Find Correct Cut & Shape for a Diamond

There is a huge variety of diamond cut and shape, though; two cuts are especially popular amongst trinket lovers:

  1. Round Brilliant Cut – when diamonds are cut in this style, they provide most sparkle, fire, and brightness in a colorless gem. Because of their maximum brightness, this cut of gem makes them a popular choice for
  2. Princess Cut- this is a modified brilliant facet arrangement that gives gems an edgy, square shaped look. However, this cut offers the gem with exceptional sparkle and hence, makes them second most searched diamond after the round brilliant cut gems.

How to Pair a Right Metal with Your Diamond Earrings

You must consider three points while choosing a metal jewel. These points are as follows:

  1. Metal Color – before elaborating this concept, just remember that a diamond is the most reflective gem and hence it can reflect anything closer to it – from base metal to your hairs, and from skin complexion to your dress’s color. Taking advantage of diamonds’ reflectiveness, you can either create contrast or harmony with your diamond studs and earrings.

If you are looking for a white, brighter look, choose a diamond with color grades D through J on the D to Z Color Grading Scale and pair it with any of the white metals – Platinum or White Gold. Since, a diamond with D to J color grades looks either colorless or comes with a hint of yellow and thus a white metal will enhance its brightness.

However, if you want to flaunt an earring that has softer looks, diamonds graded M-Z will be excellent choice for you. You can pair them with Yellow gold or Rose Gold to create harmony or with white metal to create contrast.

Diamonds with a color grade of K or L are somewhat opaque having clear yellowish tint with them. Such jewels will look best in either ways – pair them with white metal for creating a contrast or yellow metal for harmonizing with metal colors.

  1. Weight – however, weight of an earring doesn’t have anything to do with the quality and looks of an ear ornament and it really doesn’t have a huge impact on price also as the weight of any base metal used in making the diamond earrings is kept low that it feels negligible on the eras. Still, if the weight concerns you the most, read the following paragraph to stay updated on this facet.

An item that is created using Platinum base metal will weigh more than those earrings with gold as base metal. The reason behind this fact is that Platinum has higher specific gravity than the Gold. Sometimes Gold and Platinum are mixed together to form an alloy for increasing base metal’s durability and strength. So, they have a heavier feel than Platinum or Gold alone. Also, nickel, Zinc, Copper etc. can be mixed with pure and pricey metals to increase their longevity. But this also increases the weight of the base metal on the diamond stud. It is worth noticing that there is no specific fad for weight among trinket lover crowd of UAE and all sorts of

  1. Metal Allergies – few people are most sensitive to few or all of the metals used as an alloy to create a diamond stud. They can avoid using White, Rose or Yellow Gold or other metallic alloys such as Zinc, Coper, or Nickel. Since, Platinum is hypoallergenic, it will be an excellent choice for them as these people can wear platinum without a fear of skin allergies, inflammation, or skin irritation.

How to Choose an Ideal Setting for Diamond Earrings

Understand this fact first – a setting of an earring solves two purposes – first, it holds the precious gem securely so that you can wear a diamond earring without a fear of loss. Second, a setting can help enhance a jewel’s shape, size, and brightness. Now select a setting that can:

  1. Maximize Sparkle – you can choose least amount of metal used on the stone to get the maximum brightness out of your earring. This way, the jewel will be highly visible to viewer. Also, you can use a stud with three to four spikes in a circle to make the stone pop. Likewise, if you have chosen smaller size of gems, consider adding them to a halo melee or pair them with a white metal to enhance its colorlessness.
  2. Maximize Size – if you want to go for the bigger size of the diamond on your ear ornament, choose a prong size that covers the least amount of a stone’s surface in order to expose it as much as possible.
  3. Maximize Security – even though, diamonds are considered as one of the hardest stones out there, they are prone to scratch and can be chipped off. However, in comparison with diamond bracelets and rings, diamond earrings receive minimum wear and tear; chances are that they can fall out of their settings over a period of time. So, a setting that covers least surface of the diamond in order to maximize its size, offers lesser protection to the stone, at the same time. In short, if security of your diamond studs is your main concern, choose a setting that holds the gem properly; giving it maximum security.

Consider above discussed parameters while choosing a right stone for you. However, this blog doesn’t offer you guidance over how to spurt your best look with the help of perfect diamond jewelry as it depends on entirely different set of points. You can wait for another blog post from this series to stay informed on that facet too. This way you cannot only be able to pick the right diamond for your ear ornament but also you will be able to get a perfect pair of diamond earrings in Dubai that can enhance your looks.

However, for your convenience, it is advisable that you choose a piece of jewelry that enhance your looks and go completely well with what you are wearing. Then, you can pair your ear ornaments with other accessories to enhance either your looks or your earrings. Color of the dress should also be in accordance with your diamond earrings if your special emphasis is on enhancing the beauty of the stone you are wearing. Tough, it’s too difficult to select a pair of earrings keeping all these facts in mind, a little bit of effort will go in long way in enhancing your natural beauty.