ratnaraj,which literally translates as

rubies were also thought to enable their owners to live in peace with their enemies. In india natural rubies where also considered more expensive than diamonds,they are mainly found in orrissa and mysore.

the finest quality rubies are also profound in myanmar, many mines produce the pigeon blood which are the most expensive and are also found in burma

the other countries where rubies come from are:-

  •        Thailand
  •        Old Burmese
  •       Tanzanian ruby
  •       Madagascar Ruby


"Blue sapphires are a variety of mineral corundum.They were discovered in the late

19 th century in the himalayas of the northwestern india,where the blue saphires of kashmir as found.

They have a number of meanings;according to astrology,they bring auspicious effects from saturn,while

in indian mythology,a blue sapphire has the power to make you a king or a beggar.

sapphires are derived & cut in Round, oval or various other  fancy cuts and

below names:-

  • Yellow sapphires:-  ( yellowish than the common blue tinge)
  • ,
  • Pink sapphires:- (mainly pale baby pink to vivid colors, these are often described as "hot pink" or " bubble-gum pink"
  • Padparadscha sapphires:- the term derived from singhalese word for aquatic lotus blossom, these stones are little known to general public and are still debated among the collectors about how pink or how orangish or salmon colored they could get
  • Star sapphires:- star sapphires occur in almost every color in transparent sapphires,although yellow,orange & green star sapphires are very uncommon, stars in star sapphire are found in cabochon and should be perfectly centered when viewed from directly above,with each ray of equal in length.

Emeralds comes in the berlyn group of precious stones,the name comes from the old french word

"esmeralde". which was derived from the greek word "smaragdos"meaning "green stone"

countries where these precious stones are found:-

1.       zimbabwe

2.       colombia

3.       brazil

4.       south africa

5.       india

6.       russia

Emeralds have many inclusions-tiny fractures,or crystals of other minerals-which make them fasinating

to inspect with a jewellers loupe.In indian culture,emeralds are said to bring the wearer wisdom,

and they're linked to healing and balance.we also consider the emerald to be lucky if you're looking for


Emeralds hardness & jewelery cleaning techniques:-

precious emeralds are sensitive to pressure vulnerable to household chemicals.although

emeralds is one of the hardest Gemstones,it does still require carefull handling & prone to

falling cracks if fallen on hard surfaces.

  • always avoid wearing when cooking or dishwashing
  • avoid from perfumes or orther chemical substances
  • prevent from wearing it while swimming in the beach, since the salt deposits in water would affect the color of the stone to avoid breaking or chipping, always mount the stone on a jewelry design mount which covers all the edges & side area's of the stone,thereby eliminating the changes of it prong to cracks
  • Tips on buying Emerald for Astrological Purpose
  1. Buy emeralds from a known source and dealer who has made such ring earlier
  2. Also inquire dealer if he also has an priest or ashtrological assistant who can claim the emerald they are buying would be one of the good onesmostly all emeralds are dipped inside baby oil every 6 months, because emeralds are
  3. soft in nature and dependign upon the temperature in that city , and inside safe or ebign in cloised compartments, its tends to start strechingand therefore it is recomended to dip them in Baby oil of any brand you that the moisture content inside emerald are preserved