Wedding is not just a juncture that is celebrated in a magnificent way to mark pleasure and happiness in the lives of the wedded couples. It also represents the union of two souls that are destined to be connected forever.

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Engagement rings and wedding bands are therefore, not just pieces of accessory that wedded couples gift to each other, but they have an implausible meaning and deep significance that are seldom realized and valued by many. These bands are absolutely an integral part of wedding jewelry. However, besides being an accessory in the jewelry list, they put up with emotions of both the partners in the form of an eternal circle worn in the fingers.

They are worn as icon of eternity, lover, loyalty, and commitment for each other. Engagement rings are made of different metals and therefore, often the metal is also linked with the ceaseless love, commitment, and companionship of the wedded couples.

Traditionally, the old practice of exchanging figure bands become a common tradition in almost all castes and religions around the world. These bands mark the beginning and advanced status of a couple relationship. In some customs, the engagement rings are removed and replaced by wedding rings.

But today, many love birds choose to wear both rings to represent their eternal love and respect for each other. The options are infinite, and obviously it is based on the pocket and preferences of the couples. 

Significance of Gold Metal for Engagement and Wedding Rings

Remember that this is a jewelry item that you and your partner will wear forever and thus, it must be chosen cautiously while keeping in mind the significance of event. You can also have your partner choose the ring.  One of the most imperative decisions that must be made when choosing an engagement ring is the type of metal that will be used for the band.

You should consider gold for your engagement band as it is the symbol of purity, beauty and class. In fact, there are many religions values of using gold for engagement and wedding ceremonies. It is a crucial component. However, you can encrust the band with glossy and sparkling diamonds to give it a brilliant look.  

Some Most Popular Engagement Ring Types:-


There are different types of gold engagement rings available today and some of them are mentioned below.

Antique Style Rings: The antique rings are very reminiscent of the historical period and represents royalty, class and stunning beauty.  They add true magnificence and laciness to the figure. They are most expensive types of rings and usually come with solitaire diamond or small size multiple diamonds. In this variety, you will find endless designs, styles, shapes and sizes to choose from.     

Victorian style rings: - These types of bands contain grace and class that could only be found in traditional time. They have special allure and contain elegance and romance that will stay true through the ages. Today they come in different styles which are generally encrusted with different types of gemstones like diamond.


Filigree rings: These types of rings are perfect choice for the brides who like tradition designs, styles and craftsmanship. These bands enjoy a lacy ornamental design that demands a medium or large size bands in order to have good space for the wire work. The thing which makes them extremely special and attractive is a touch of modern style.

Solitaire Rings: solitaire rings are the most preferred bands amongst the wedded couples these days. They have only one radiant and blossom diamond with no side gemstones that denotes the oneness and togetherness.  These rings are expensive and come with different cuts like round, oval, square, heart, peal and many more.  

Figural style rings: These are specially crafted bands used to represent a definitive form and you can design any figural on it. The designs in which these bands come are difficult to find, and thus attract couples a lot.  In fact, the couples can spell out letters or dates of their special day date.

Paved Rings: At present, paved rings are the kind of bands which are loved around the world for their elegant and modish diamond encrusted look. The paved ring looks so romantic, fascinating and beautiful. The sparkle that pave set stones bring on this band is entirely unique and absolutely artistic.  The great thing is that they come in different price ranges and suitable for all budgets.                                                                            

Oval Engagement Rings: The oval cut bands are stunning and presentable to look at. They have a classic style with a solitaire design setting, but can come with multiple small sized diamonds.  This ring cut style is timeless alternative that couples are unlikely to regret. You will get infinite

Actually, the types and designs in which engagements and wedding rings come are endless. So, choose the band that suits your pocket, as well as the taste of your beloved one to make this special occasion pleasurable and memorable to both of you.

Ensuring the Quality of Gold:-  

The engagement bands will be a certain way of expressing your deep love for your beloved partner. However, you should ensure quality of metal and gemstones before purchasing it.

Purity of gold is one of the most important factors that affect this decision. Simply comparing red, white or yellow gold is not enough of a comparison. The purity of each metal should be considered for a perfect comparison. The purity of precious gold metal is ranges from 10 to 24K.  The purist form of gold is 24 carat and it is very valuable.

However, pure gold is very soft and thus easy to scratch. This is why other base metals like silver, platinum, etc are added to gold to harder it. You should have all information about other base metals used in the gold accessory you are about to purchase.

Ensuring The Quality of Diamonds:-

If you are planning to buy a ring with diamond, you must become familiar with the four c’s of diamond.

The four c’s of diamond is carat, cut, clarity and color. These are four key factors that affect the diamond in different ways.  

Carat:  Carat is simply the weight and size of the diamonds. The bigger the stone, the higher the price it will fetch.

Cut: The word cut is used to denote the shape of diamonds.  Correctly cut diamonds gives the maximum amount of brilliancy, and thus very expensive.

Clarity: The word clarity is used to denote the level of imperfections within the stone. Diamonds with higher clarity grades are expensive than lower clarity grades.


Color:  Some diamonds are colorless and some have slight tone of pink, yellow and blue. The color is categories in grades from D-Z.  Colorless Diamonds are graded from D to F. near colorless gemstones are graded from G to J. all others are graded under I to J category.  The human eye cannot detect color in a diamond starting in the D to I range. Also, different color diamonds come in different price ranges.

Rather than looking to purchase a diamond because it looks attractive and dazzling, you should always consider this four C’s of diamonds before purchasing it. Once you do, you will be confident and happy with your purchase.

Where to Shop for Modish Engagement Rings:

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