Now that you have met your soul mate, your soon-to-be-life partner what could be a better way to display your true love than buying her a sparkling engagement ring. Presenting a diamond engagement ring is the obvious way to begin a new journey with one's soul mate! Engagement ring holds high significance to the couple and represents a formal agreement in a relationship or we can say a step towards commitment. And everyone aspires to seal this eternal commitment, the unique bond of marriage with a band of timeless beauty and elegance. Hence, by virtue of it gifting a diamond ring to your beloved would be the best choice and would definitely mean a lot to her.

However, buying an engagement ring for the love of your life is a big step and a thrilling experience. And can be a tricky business especially if you have never shopped for any form of jewelry in your entire life. Hence, buying the “Engagement Ring”- the most important and precious jewelry a man could buy for his lady can be a bit confusing as there are myriad of styles, cuts and shapes of diamond rings with an enthralling appeal that is sure to fling you in a dire predicament. So it is advisable to get the cut, carat, clarity, and color right and don't let the budget bog you down. But before you plunge onto buying an expensive diamond engagement ring, just scroll down and continue reading. Here's a resourceful guide to help you buy a perfect ring that would make your beloved fall for you all the more again.

Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

  • Princess Cut: Well, princess cut diamonds are one of the most expensive cuts and have become a favorite choice among the brides-to-be of the world. Buying an engagement ring with princess cut diamond is sure short a perfect way to express your undying love. These have exceptional refractive properties that make it sparkle and reflect brilliance.
  • Round Cut: Often called as brilliant cut. This is the most popular and traditional diamond shape. In fact, it is estimated that 75% of diamonds found are round brilliant. A round cut diamond gives you more flexibility in terms of colors, clarity grades and cut. It has a brilliant shine and dazzling sparkle that are fancied by almost everyone.
  • Emerald Cut: Emerald cut diamond is a rectangular shaped diamond with trimmed corners. Of all the shapes, this one is unique and affordable! It is also known as a step-cut because it's rectangular facets create an optical appearance that resembles just like stair steps. This type of cut is the best choice for virtually flawless diamonds because its open table highlights the clarity of a stone.
  • Asscher Cut: If you need to heavier looking stone in your ring, then go for Asscher cut. Yes! The octagonal or hexagonal Asscher cut diamonds are vintage style ones that appear heavier than the rest. These uniquely cut, beautiful gems that are almost identical to the emerald cut, it also has clipped corners and rectangular facets but it is square in shape.

No doubt, whether it is Princess Cut, Round, Emerald or Asscher cut, every diamond is ethically sourced and the 4c's are well maintained. However, if you are pondering what are 4c's of diamond, no need to look further! If you are heading towards purchasing a diamond engagement ring for your soon to be bride, it is utmost important to understand the 4Cs to know exactly what you are buying. So to ensure that you are fully aware of what you are getting for your hard earned money, have quick look at the below guide.

The 4Cs

  • Cut: Like many people, if you also think of cuts as being the shape of the diamond only, then you are wrong! Cut refers not only the shape of the stone but proportions, contours and symmetry of the stone. The more accurate the symmetry brighter it will shine and larger it will look. How well the gemstone will reflect light and optimize brilliance is actually determined by the cut of the stone. However, the scale of cut runs from excellent to poor.
  • Clarity: Well, clarity of a diamond is simply how good it looks on the inside. If the stone has flaws, scratches or blemishes then the quality of the reflection is said to be compromised. Perfect clarity in a diamond means it is flawless, though it is rare to find because all diamonds have some kind of inner flaws that occur during their formation process. Hence, the number of flaws, size, how visible they are, actually determine the clarity of a diamond.
  • Carat: Stones are sized by weight and carat is the measurement used in the purchase of diamonds. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams moreover, if a diamond is below one carat then it is referred to as points where 100 points make up one carat. It is this weight of the stone that plays a pivotal role in determining the net worth of the diamond.
  • Color:  Diamonds are judged by how clear and colorless they are. The color is graded on a scale of D to Z. Stones between D and F is colorless while those between G and J are near-colorless. This is the fourth most important factor that determines the quality and of course the price. Indeed, while looking for a diamond jewelry look for stones that are perfect white rather one should say a colorless one and be a smart diamond shopper.

It is rightly said that love knows no bounds but your budget might! However, in this uncertain economy, no one is sitting on a pile of bucks every time. It's time when you are terribly cash strapped and you might not able to afford an expensive single cut diamond for your beloved. But at the same time, you definitely would not want to end up buying any other, less expensive, less precious stone for your lady. So, what do you do? Have you got yourself in a real dilemma? Well, the best option is to go online! While most of you may be bewildered at the thought of buying an expensive engagement ring online, the truth is that online shopping for diamond rings has its own set of benefits.

Benefits Of Buying A Diamond Ring Online

  • Lower Cost:- Buying anything online is always cheaper and diamond rings are no exception to it! Indeed, the diamond rings available on the online store are less expensive than local jewelry stores. Online jewellers offer quality diamond rings for a lesser price as they do not need to maintain a huge store, their operational cost is less neither they need a huge employee base.
  • Huge Variety:- Online jewelry stores are the ultimate destination bringing the best of all the world at one place. They offer so many styles and designs to choose at the varied price range. Plus, they allow us to narrow down our selection based on the preferences and of course budget.
  • Detailed Information:- You get all the information about cut, size, purity, certification of the particular diamond ring of your choice at a quick glance. Online shopping stores itemize the detailed information in a standardized manner for customer's reference.
  • Hassle-free shopping:- One of the most important advantages of online jewelry shopping is that you won't have to wander around store to store. You can stay at the comfort of your home, browse through their collection and pick the best one you like. That's it! You are done. Your chosen engagement ring with embedded stunning diamonds will arrive at your door step. Yes, it is as easy as it seems to be.

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