What is a diamond? A gemstone? A transparent crystal of carbon atoms? A symbol of eternity? Or a declaration of undying love? The best way to describe diamonds is “Woman's Best Friend and the ultimate treasure to possess by mankind.” Diamonds, besides being the hardest mineral on earth and the most precious gemstone, have been a source of fascination for centuries now. The glittering pieces of diamonds have always had a long list of admirers and its no exaggeration to say that people are literally obsessed with these glimmering gems.

It's true that diamonds are universally considered to be a symbol of love, beauty, wealth, and power, however, it is also the most elusive. Thugs these days pass on their fake stones as real and rob people off their hard-earned money. Therefore, before you spend a whopping sum of your hard-earned money on purchasing these shiny, colorless stones, it is important to learn the difference between real and fake diamonds. Although there are lots of things you need to delve into, you do not need a trained eye to catch a fake diamond. Simply knowing what to look for in a Diamond can save you from being deceived.

Here's a few characteristics of a real diamond which no fakes can match:

  • Diamonds are an allotrope of carbon that has been compressed beneath the earth's surface for hundreds of centuries.
  • A real diamond rate 10 on the Mohs scale which makes it the hardest mineral found on the earth that can scratch glass, ruby, sapphire and even Cubic Zirconia.
  • A pure natural diamond is colorless and is rare to found! Usually, diamonds which are available to us are associated with some kind of irregularities and impurities in their structure which impart color to it.
  • Well, for diamonds it is apt to state that reflection says it all. Hence, when you will have a look at a real diamond, you will be able to observe reflections that have shades of gray whereas a fake or low-quality diamond give out rainbows or colorful reflections.
  • Another major characteristic of a real diamond which can be perceived by even a layman is that the real gemstone breaks off the reflection of the dot, which makes it impossible for clear perception. However, fake diamonds are made of glass so you can clearly see the dot.

But, it is obvious that mere knowing these characteristics are not going to put the debate of real vs. fake diamond to rest. As there have been remarkable advances in gemological technology in recent years, which have made it an arduous task to discern a real diamond from a fake one. Hence, for this reason, here we have provided a few DIY methods you can try at home, to check if the loose diamond pieces lying with you are genuine or fake.

Here's how to test the diamond at home:

  • Fog Test: This is the easiest and the best method to uncover the truth behind your diamond. For this, all you need to do is bring the diamond close to your mouth and breathe over it like you are trying to fog up a window. And if you find that your stone remains foggy for about 2-4 seconds, then it is sure shot a fake one because if it was a real diamond, it would have cleared off the fog even before you had a look at it
  • Heat Test: Well, the most effective way to distinguish between a fake and real diamond is heat it up! Yes, you got it right! Heat up your diamond for a few seconds. A real diamond is an incredibly stable material which means any drastic change in the temperature won't affect its structural integrity and surprisingly, a real diamond will do not even feel hot even after you take it off the heat. However, an inauthentic or fake diamond is sure to get ruined on high temperature.
  • Water Test: If you have loose stones, you can try water test. For this, simply place your stone in the glass of water and if your stone sinks to the bottom of the glass it means it is a real diamond. And on the counterpart, if your stone floats at the top or falls only to the middle of the glass, it clearly dictates that it possess impurities and is not authentic.
  • Scratch Test: Again it is a very simple test. Just rub a piece of sandpaper against the stone, if it gets scratched by sandpaper, it is most likely not a real diamond because as aforementioned diamond is the hardest naturally occurring mineral which cannot get scratched.
  • Refractive Test: For this, what you have to do is, gently place your stone flat side down on a newspaper page with lots of lettering and ensure that lighting is bright and there is no object casting a shadow on it.  If yours is real the facets of it will refract the light in different directions which would not allow you to see through the diamond and recognize the letters. On the other hand, if you are able to read the letters of the newspaper- the diamond is fake!

Well, these simple test cannot be proclaimed as foolproof methods. These are just easy to follow, home-based tricks that one can try out, but you are suggested to take your stone to an expert appraiser who is certified gemologist or a jeweler or use diamond testing tools. Today, there are Diamond testing equipment available in the market which have made diamond testing practically possible for everyone!

Brief introduction about the diamond testing machines:

  • Diamond Tester is a portable device having a small, needle-like tip that needs to be placed on the stone tested and this device will indicate its authenticity on its display or with a sound signal. This widely used testing tool works on the fact that every gemstone conduct heat differently which means that heat will pass through a diamond in a different way that it would through Cubic Zirconia or glass. Hence, these diamond testing machine
  • Then there are Microscopes Lightings and Loupes, which are used to magnify any visible imperfections. But knowing that a real diamond is naturally occurring so can have internal imperfections and a fake one may look flawless under a magnifying glass, it sometimes gets impossible to distinguish a natural diamond from a lab-grown one.
  • Jewelers and gemologists have a high profile weighing machine with fine tuned scale for measuring very minute difference in weight. For this, choose a fake diamond of approximately same size and shape as that of a real diamond. And you will find that the weight of the real diamond is lower than fake one.

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