When it comes to Diamonds again it will be categories in Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds also called the Man-Made-Diamonds, which is processed in special Laboratories under the specific temperature and pressure.

Lab Grown Diamonds produced in Highly Controlled Conditions that forced to attempt to reproduce the Earth’s Natural Growing Environment. There will not be any such difference between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real??

Yes, Lab Grown Diamonds are Real, it has same characteristics as the real diamonds, but the difference is it takes short time to shape in the real diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds being processed inside the lab under the same Natural Environment which is being produced in the lab itself.

Time to Shape the Lab Grown Diamonds: -

It takes 3 to 5 weeks’ time to get ready the Lab Grown Diamonds.

Even these Man-Made-Diamonds will have same characteristics such as, shine, sparkle, fire as well scintillation.

Types of Lab Grown Diamonds: -

HPHT: - High-Pressure-High-Temperature

Diamonds which undergoes High-Pressure-High-Temperature process known as HPHT technique. HPHT process can also be used to enhance the color of diamonds to make them colorless, pink, green, blue, or yellow.

CVD: - Chemical Vapor Deposition

CVD is another technique to produce and process the diamonds in Lab. This came after the HPHT technique as well CVD technique requires smaller machines and uses less pressure than HPHT.


Though you are not able to see the difference between these techniques necked eye. Both methods can create beautiful and sparkling diamonds which are optically, physically, chemically identical from Earth Grown Diamonds.

Even when you buy the diamond there also its written that it’s a Lab-Grown-Diamond.


Moissanite: -

Moissanite which looks like a diamond but, Moissanite is not the diamond at all, Moissanite is just a diamond Simulant, made of Silicon Carbide. As well its available in cheap price and it’s not hard like the real diamonds.


Natural Diamond or Lab-Grown-Diamond: -

As a purpose of choosing the diamond, now a day’s people choose Lab Diamonds to maintain the size of money. Lab Grown Diamond costs half of the Natural Diamond cost.


It’s a fact that Natural Diamond will take decades and years to build a perfect diamond but when comes to choose we would recommend to choose the natural diamonds in terms of diamond quality and diamond value.