Diamond jewelry has been in great demand for centuries. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, valentines and birthday or simply you want to make your beloved one happy, diamond is the only gift which make certain a big smile and appreciation. Jewelry lovers would do anything to include diamonds in their ornaments as these sparkling stones are forever and they complement one's personality. It is often said that a woman is entirely incomplete without a diamond and this statement hold some certainty to a greater extent as diamonds not only makes her happy rather they enhance her confidence level.

Sleek and modish diamond jewelry makes great ornaments for all occasions and goes well with all kinds of fashionable and traditional attires. With glittering stones set on precious metal like gold, this jewelry depicts your inherent beauty and class. Chunky classic gold ornament will look elegant with customary garb, while slim and voguish designs complement contemporary outfits. They can boost up any style better than anything else. They can, in fact, go with jeans and a classy top.  They set a wearer apart from others around in the party or function.

Diamond Jewelry Types:-

There is a great number of diamond jewelry available in the market today and the most popular amongst them are necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and bangles. They all come in a variety of designs, styles, types and price ranges designed to fit almost all personality and pocket. Diamond necklaces simply complement the look that every woman desires to have on special occasions like wedding, engagements, anniversary etc. From single diamond pendants to multi-diamond encrusted displays, such necklaces certainly occupy that soft spot in a female's heart.

Styles and Designs of Diamond Necklaces:-


Full Length Diamond Necklaces: When it comes to wedding, full size necklace is the first choice of most of the brides. They have true shapes of the necklaces. These are the most expensive types and come in endless varieties, styles and designs. You can easily choose them according to your wedding dress, custom, personality and preference.  They look appealing with every personality. Even if a bride is a plus size then a longer length full size necklace is suitable to lengthen the bride's appearance.

Choker Diamond Necklaces: These necklaces are little bit different from full length necklaces and give a royal look to the wedding dress. If you have a long neck, then a choker will look more appealing and attractive. It will place the emphasis on the neckline and focus more attention to the face. The best part is that they usually come with a length adjustment apparatus.

Christian style necklaces:  Set on the white or yellow gold, this dazzling necklace feature a scintillating design on the cross. Numerous styles come under Christian necklace come today which are very popular amongst the youth. You can buy them in different sizes and they come in different price range.


Voguish and delicate Diamond pendants: A trendy diamond pendant consists of a small sized sparking gemstone hanging down from a gold or silver chain in the centre. They are the simplest and not so expensive. They are graceful and make a delicate choice. The shapes of diamond in these pendants can be round, oval, square, rectangular, heart shaped and more. They are often used by young girls and women for daily wear. You can easily buy them according to your style and budget.

There are many more varieties and types of diamond necklaces and pendants that women can select and wear to enhance her personality and beauty on special occasions.  

Significance of Selecting the Right Length Necklace:-    

Though, these necklaces and pendants come in different length, it is important to select the right one to get the desired look. If you have a round face, then longer diamond necklaces are more suitable for you as they will give a lengthening effect. However, if you have an oval shape face, then you can pick any length necklace and it will look elegant and attractive.    

Buy Only Certified Diamonds by Considering its Four C’s:-  

Frankly speaking, it does not matter where the buyer purchase

Color: Diamonds are either colorless or white and they have a slight tone of pink, yellow or blue. Colorless or crystal clear gemstones are the most popular; while some diamonds which have slight color tone are rarer, making them even more precious. For example, yellow diamonds are more expensive than blue stones.  

Carat: It is unit used to measure the weight of the stone. The heavier the diamond, the more expensive it is, but remember, weight is not the only thing that affects the price of a stone. It is possible that you have two diamonds that weight exactly the same, but have absolutely different prices, taking into consideration the color, clarity and of each stone. 

Cut: Cut refers to the gemstone’s shape and how it is balanced to attain its shine, and it certainly compromises its attractiveness and price. In a correctly cut stone the light will enter and exit through the top impeccably, offering it the maximum amount of brightness. A stone that is poorly cut will not let light to travel through it in a way that it could attain its best shine or brilliance, making it less attractive and consequently less expensive.

Clarity: The term clarity is used to define the finishing of the gemstone. There are some standards set by the international market and diamonds are given such international grading according to the clarity. V is used to denote very, S is used to refer slight and I stand for inclusion. You must know its clarity grade before buying as its clarity is extremely vital for its extreme brilliancy.

GIA Certification is a Must:-

When purchase diamond ornament, it is imperative that you have a Gemological Institute of America GIA Diamond Certificate. This certification is verification that the gemstone you obtain is a quality piece and worth what you paid.

Smart Tips to Protect the shine of Diamonds:-

Diamonds might lose their glow with time if no proper care is provided to preserve them. Thus, you should provide as much importance to preserving diamonds as you give to purchasing them.

Protect them from Scratches: These gemstones can easily develop scratches. To evade this situation, it is indispensable that you preserve your jewelry pieces in individual jewelry boxes. Also, while you carry them during travel make certain that you do not put all accessories in one single box to evade scratches. This way, the stones will stay intact with its luster uninterrupted.

Regular Cleaning: Cleaning jewelry is not a difficult task and you can do it at home with great ease. Use soft bristles tooth-brush, mild soap and a soft cloth to clean your ornaments. If you clean your jewelry genteelly using these products, your diamond necklace or other jewelry will never lose its sheen.

Where to Buy Diamond Necklaces and other Jewelry? 

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