Buying a fine jewelry needs lots of knowledge to identify the top quality sapphire for you. There are five essential characteristics of a gem’s quality that you need to keep in mind while shopping a fascinating gemstone, either placed in a setting or loose. These buying tips will surely help you make the best choice on your fine trinket, so, let’s start!


While buying a sapphire, make sure it has colors that involve a slight tint of other colors, it is not too dark or too light, and it has right depth of tone. You must note that almost all sorts of natural gemstones including sapphire are treated for color enhancement. Different gemstones need different method of color treatment, for example, heating is performed on sapphires to intensify its color.

Color is considered as the most defining quality of a sapphire and many jewelers evaluate a gem on the basis of the purity of its color. Below are given three parameters for assessing your gemstone’s color quality:

  1. Hue – choose a rock that exhibits pure color. However, slightest hues of other colors in addition to the main color are acceptable. This means that a sapphire that comes between slightly purplish blue to slightly greenish blue is considered as a top quality rock and hence has a greater value. In contrast, pink sapphire can range between pink to slightly purplish pink.
  2. Tone – tone defines the depth of color. Sapphires range in tone from light, medium light and medium to medium dark, and dark. Most sought after tones for a sapphire fall within medium light to medium dark range.
  3. Saturation – most sought after gems are usually free from gray or brown hues.


Almost all natural stones have inclusions at some extent. Even the highly priced sapphires have some inclusions. Those are free from any impurity, are considered as flawless gems. These are rare gems and are extremely expensive. The important buying tip here is that purchase a gem that falls within lightly to moderately inclusion category.

There is an additional piece of information on a gem’s clarity – gems take shape under unique conditions and they are comprised of traces of various minerals. These minerals leave their marks or inclusions on a matured gemstone. Few gems other than sapphire have greatest range of acceptable inclusions such as emerald.


Unlike diamonds, top quality gemstone’s cut is one that let the stone exhibit its true, most even color. However, with a diamond, cut grade usually defines the most geometrically configured shape that helps maximize a rock’s brilliance.

While looking for top quality in the cut of a sapphire, choose the one that has even tone, exposes fewer inclusions, and displays most of the weight of a sapphire in a setting. In simple words, a stone that showcases good symmetry and proportion is considered as the best value gem.

Buyer’s Tip: buy a piece of fine jewelry, say;


Unlike diamonds, gemstones are selected on the basis of their size and not on the basis of their carat weight. So, how will you gauge a sapphire for its size? Well, many reputed jewelers in Dubai offer a list of diameter of the gemstone while viewed from the top. This means that the diameter of a sapphire is the visible part of a gem in a setting.

Since, different gemstones have different densities (mass per volume), they can vary in size. This means that a denser rock may look smaller in size than a lighter stone with similar carat weight.

Buyer’s Tip: always request for dimension of your choice of sapphire in order to see the maximum weight of it while in a setting.


As stated above, almost all natural gemstones are treated for enhancing their appearance. There are various treatment methods are popular when it comes to enhancing the beauty of a rock. Different rocks need different methods of color treatment. Take for instance, sapphire are heated for the vary purpose. You should also know that some treatment methodologies are permanent and don’t require special care. Heating is one such process and hence, your sapphire will continue to exhibit its true color for several generations.

Well, these are the most essential characteristics to look for while planning on purchasing a sapphire fine jewelry. These are the guidelines using which you can be able to buy the best value sapphire for your trinket. Moreover, you don’t even have to take special are of your gem as with basic gem care you can enjoy your fine jewelry for many years to come. In the next portion of this blog post, we will focus at basic gem care that you will need to understand in order to take a good care of your fine trinket item(s).

Basic Gemstone Care

Gems are durable though, they need special attention at times. Below is given few simple tips using which you can take a good care of your sapphire.

Cleaning – first remove your jewelry and then find a non-abrasive cleaning solution that is made especially for cleaning a sapphire. Now, follow the instruction on its use to clean your jewelry. Use soft clothes or a brush that has soft bristles. Once you are done with it, rub or remove any dirt or residue via A using a soft cleaned cloth.

Storing – when you are not wearing your sapphire ring, wrap it with a soft cloth and store it in a separate case. Various fine jewelries including sapphire rings Dubai come in soft lined case so that they don’t touch each other or other parts of the trinket. Sine, gems are harder, they can scratch the upper surface of your jewelry and hence they need to be kept separate from other items.

Wear – yes, it’s true that gems including sapphire are hard and they are second on the hardness sale after diamonds. Still, they can be damaged by harsh chemicals, sharp blows, or when they come in contact with an abrasive surface. Hence, you shod put on your fine jewelry at the end while getting dressed. Likewise, your sapphire jewelry item should be the first thing that you take off after the function.

Well, considering all these points given here, you can be able to keep your sapphire ring looking good for years. Now, what do you think about a beautiful multistone necklace? Won’t you buy it for you? If you don’t have any, this is the good time to buy one as your jewelry collection is incomplete without a stylish necklace. To help you buy your enchanting jewelry piece, here is given important buying tips that you are supposed to keep in mind when shopping for the one.

Types of Necklaces

Typically, a necklace is a series of precious stones or gems. It can also be a metal chain in its simplistic form. In addition to that, pendent style necklaces are also very popular among females of all ages in which single diamond, a gemstone, or a beautiful pearl comes suspended from the chain. Then, pearl strand design is also available that looks elegant.

Metal Chains: chains can accentuate both, casual wear and formal dresses. Plus, they add a classical touch to a woman’s personality even when are paired with other fine jewelry items. They are available in many types including rolo, mesh, rope, bead, wheat, box, byzantine, cable, and snake among others.

Pear Strands: if you want to create a classy look, go with a pear strand that comprises various closely strung pearl strands.

Solitaire Pendants: this simplistic form of neck jewelry piece helps draw all the attention around your neck where you wear a single diamond, gem, or pearl dangle chain.

Necklaces: heavier chains, braids, links…there is a vast assortment of necklaces is available these days on the market for you to choose from. You can

How to Choose the Right Length

The length of a necklace determines where it will dangle on a wearer’s chest. Choose from the following lengths that appeal you the most:

16” Choker Length – it rests above the collarbones.

18” Princess Length – it hangs over the collarbones.

24” opera Length – it hangs over your dress.

Besides, 30” and 36” length necklaces are also available that are bought to create a dramatic look.

Necklaces for Every Occasion

Necklaces can add charm to a woman’s personality. They can be worn on any occasion. For example, you can wear a solitaire pendent that features a pearl or diamond on birthday or first wedding anniversary. However, necklace comprising Akoya Pearls will be right for a very special occasion like five- or ten-year anniversary. In contrast, for a fun occasion like a promotion or a trip, gold, sterling silver and platinum chains will add a feather in a cap.