Diamonds are rare. Diamonds are precious. Therefore, you need to consider several components while buying a head-turning one carat diamond ring for your engagement. You should choose your diamond ring with deliberation so that you get maximum value for your hard earned money. A wide assortment of one carat diamond is available on online market as well as local stores. These diamonds do not only vary in prices but also, they differ in beauty. On that note, a high priced gem doesn’t always mean that it is a better one.

One Carat Diamond Pricing

What do you understand by one carat diamond? The one carat refers to the weight of the diamond. When it comes to diamond’s pricing it is determined as per carat weight of the gem. This means that is the price for one carat diamond is 1400$, then a 0.50 carat diamond will cost you around 700$. Moreover, a one carat gemstone will be equal to 200 milligrams or 0.20 grams. This means that it will weigh the same as a quarter of raisin.

Where to Buy One Carat Loose Diamond?

The world of diamond dealers is too vast that you could be intimidated by the options you find on the internet. However, a thorough search will let you find one of the honest and high quality retailers either online or in stores. However, it is recommended to you that you should purchase your one carat diamond t an online retailer as they have wide assortment for quality one carat gem than any local store. Therefore, you come by an exclusive one carat gemstone at an exceptional price.  

Important Points to Look for While Buying One Carat Rock

  1. Look for only GIA or AGS certified one carat diamond
  2. Before making the purchase run price comparison across various online vendors. Also consider the beauty of your gem
  3. A diamond’s cut is the biggest element that determines its sparkle, fire, and brilliance. It is the sole characteristics that impact a diamond’s beauty. Therefore, only buy one carat gem that has Excellent Cut grade.
  4. Some online dealers offer experts’ opinion on diamond purchase. Look for this aid with your chosen diamond dealer. If free advice is accessible, let the expert guide you on an exquisite, one carat stone

Difference between Diamond Carat & Size

Oftentimes, people mistake diamond carat for its size when opt to

Let’s understand the above fact in the perspective of a diamond’s size. The size of a stone has to do with its visual appearance. This means that a one carat Marquise rock will look bigger than the same carat Round Brilliant Cur stone because of its elongated shape.

Besides, a gem’s size is also determined by the cut, surface area, and the depth of the gem. Hence, two gems of same carat weight may differ in size due to different shape, design, and cut quality features.   

Considering Clarity Rating While Purchasing One Carat Diamond Ring

As you know that 4C’s of diamond play a great role in its overall beauty and sparkle. Also, these features are great deciding factors when it comes to pricing of a gem. Of all these 4C’s, clarity is one the most important factor to consider after the carat weight of the rock. Clarity grade of a diamond tells the buyers about the total number of inclusions, extra facets, and surface defects that are present in a stone.

No matter what a clarity certification of a one carat diamond says, see for yourself if there is any inclusion visible to naked eye. If you find yourself unable to identify a value for money one carat ‘eye-cleaned’ gem, seek for expert’s assistance. You must remember that what the necked eye can see should be more important for you than what a certificate says about the gem. For your convenience, here is given GIA scale of gem clarity, consider it before making the purchase. Remember that the scale ranges from the best to the worst!

Flawless (IF) > Very Very small Inclusions 1 (VVS1) > Very Very Small Inclusions 2 (VVS2) > Very Small Inclusions 1 (VS1) >  Very Small Inclusions 2 (VS2) > Small Inclusions 1 (SI1), Small Inclusions 2 (SI2) > Inclusions 1 (I1) > Inclusions 2 (I2).

Buying Tip on One Carat Diamond – you are advised to buy a one carat diamond that has at least a VS2 clarity grade. Since most of the inclusions and blemishes in diamond of VS2 clarity grade will be invisible to naked eye, your diamond will look almost flawless.

However, if your choice is limited by the small budget, you can go for a diamond of SI1 clarity grade that has inclusions or blemishes near the surface or edges of the gem. Depending on the ring’s shape, these flaws might be camouflaged by setting’s prongs.   

Though, within a reasonable budget, VVS2 could also be the maximum clarity rating where there are no blemishes and inclusions that you can make them out with the naked eye.

Take home advise is that an eye-lean diamond should keep more important e for you when it comes to clarity grade within your budget.

One Carat Diamond Rings Color

While looking for

Inspecting gems for their color by keeping them side by side is the most effective method when it comes to choosing the best value stone for you. Also, make sure that your diamond looks almost colorless in relation to its settings. For example, if you choose a K color diamond in yellow gold setting it would be simply a prudent decision considering the fact that K color diamond has a yellowish tint and when it is placed in yellow gold setting, the diamond looks vibrant and clear.

Take home advice is that buy a nearly colorless diamond between G to I range because it’s next to impossible to differentiate these diamonds from top quality, colorless diamonds in the D to F range with the naked eye. What’s more, you will have to pay for nearly colorless diamonds far less than high quality colorless gems. This way, you will save huge amount of money on a diamond that is slightly low in quality but looks similar to a flawless, colorless diamond of top quality.

Ring Shape

Although, design and style of one carat diamond ring depends mostly on personal preferences, different diamonds shapes have different table size. Therefore, those are concerned with the diamond size, must be watchful about the table surface area of their diamond. In other words, a one carat princess cut diamond might have smaller table surface than that of round brilliant cut shape gem with similar carat weight. Likewise, different diamond shapes have different table surface and hence, they can differ in size even though all are similar in carat weight.

How to Get the Best Value for One Carat Gem Ring

Your aim is getting a top-quality one carat stone at exceptionally low price, right? So, here is a quick wrap of features that you must be concerned for while shopping a one carat stone ring that will turn heads whenever you wear it.

  1. Make sure that your diamond is either GIA or ASG certified for its accuracy and consistency in quality.
  2. It possesses Excellent Cut Grade for its exceptional beauty and brilliance.
  3. It has VS1 or VS2 Clarity Grade so that blemishes or inclusions can stay hidden from onlookers.
  4. Ensure that you buy a one carat diamond that falls between G to I color range. Diamonds between these grades are nearly colorless diamonds that resembles greatly with colorless diamonds in the D-F color range.
  5. Choose the most appealing style and shape for your one carat gem engagement ring that complements your personality.
  6. Choose an online dealer like this diamond retailer who is well-respected kin its domain. Their years of experience in diamonds buying and selling will help you in selecting the best value gem for your money.

Shopping one carat diamond may be a frightening task for you at first but with the information furnished in this blog post will help you buy diamonds in Dubai that are of top quality.