The glitz and glamour of jewelry are said to entice woman towards itself for centuries. All women enjoy wearing jewelry. They love the razzle and dazzle of precious jewelry not just because jewelry adds to the beauty of a woman and give a final touch to her ensemble. One of the most prized possessions of many women is- Necklaces. Pendants and necklaces are the most popular fashion accessories amongst women of all ages and makes up the right gift. From the ancient times when the necklaces were the only jewelry worn, it is said that nothing adds flair to your favorite outfit more than a stunning neckpiece.

So if you are looking forward to gift something precious to the women of your life, without giving it a second thought, just get her a beautiful diamond necklace and make her realize how much you love her. Believe me! It is the glitz of diamonds only that truly complements the shine and sparkle of woman’ s eyes, hence, a dazzling diamond necklace makes up a perfect gift for your better half. Diamond necklaces are so classic and versatile that they come up as a stunning addition to every wardrobe from casual-chic to the most formal attire. They are so popular and are the most favorite choice of every woman because their sparkle and brilliance brightens up any outfit and adds an extra glow to your face.

There are endless designs of diamond necklaces that are available in the market today. You would have to spend ample of hours shopping for the perfect necklace that completes your look. Since, you may not have that much time to browse through the internet and search the exquisite necklace designs and styles, we have enlisted the popular necklace designs. So before you proceed to buy a perfect piece of jewelry, let’s take a look at the various designs available.

Shapes and styles of the diamond necklace

  • V-shaped diamond necklaces: In this type of necklace diamonds are gracefully aligned in the shape of V. It gives a sophisticated and stylish appearance to any formal as well as casual outfit and can make your neck look thinner and narrower. It type of design focuses on the latest trends in the jewelry and offers a high end, luxury look for a perfect glamorous night out.


  • Diamond Curved Necklaces: Simple yet full of sparkle! This fabulous necklace features a classic versatile curved shape. In curved necklaces, diamonds are set in a curved shape and exude brilliant style. These neckpieces make up the best choice for someone with a long face and neck, however, this set is sure to bring style and sophistication to any look, any attire of any age women.


  • Line-and-Dot Diamond necklaces: Unlike curved and V-shaped necklaces, in this kind of sets diamonds are set across the entire length of the chain. This fabulous line and dot necklace design is well-known for the understatement- not too thin nor too bold, composed of individually linked diamonds that adorns the whole chain. It is truly a master piece and a great choice for someone who wears her hair in an upwards style.


  • Diamond Tie Necklace: Well, this astonishing diamond set is the most enchanting piece. Diamond Tie Necklace has a sleek design featuring one or multi solitary diamonds hanging down from the chain. It is an elegant yet stylish neckpiece where bezel set diamond dangles and sparkles at every move. This is one of the most popular choice of the ladies for its versatility, affordability and effortless glamour. 


  • Pendants: These come in myriad of styles and designs based on unique geometrical shapes, figurines, initials, religious symbols, words, etc. A diamond pendant is a perfect gift accessory which can be worn with any attire and offers a stunning way to symbolize or commemorate a special occasion.


  • Strands:  It represents a continuous row of diamonds and is a classic addition to any wardrobe which adds glamour and class to every outfit. Strand style diamond necklace is considered as a perfect anniversary or wedding gift as it comprises of a continuous row of diamonds representing the continuous, unending love and admiration couples have.


Now as you know that there are overwhelming choices of shapes and styles of diamond necklaces available, we have decided to give you a quick view over the other design considerations that will help you to make the right decision.

Here are the considerations to take into account

Wearer’s age

  • One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Well said! This applies to jewelry choices of women as well. Age of the wearer is no doubt an important factor because what appeals to your mother may not be wife’s or sister’s liking.
  • Usually it is found that older women look for an elegant and sophisticated piece of jewelry whereas a younger woman will wish to have a trendy and astonishing piece. So it’s better to find out what your recipient prefers to wear before you actually buy one.


Necklace length

  • Once, you have chosen the style you want to purchase, next comes the chain length. However, the length of the chain will be based primarily on your personal preference. The standard chain lengths range from 16-24 inches and amongst all 18 inches is the most common.
  • If you choose a 16 inch chain, the part of the necklace containing diamonds or the pendant will rest above the sternum unless the person has a thin neck.
  • And with an18 inch chain, the pendant is likely to fall at the sternum. Whereas 22 or 24 inch chain puts the diamond lower than the sternum.

Hence, it is advisable to say that if you are in a doubt about determining the right length of the necklace, consider the person you are buying for and measure the chain length of her favorite set.  


 Diamonds used in a diamond necklace

  • Whenever you are buying diamond jewelry always checks for the 4 C’s. However, unfortunately the diamonds of the necklace will not be under the same eye-level scrutiny as that of a diamond ring, make sure that the overall quality is eye-clean. Plus, don’t forget to inspect the grading certificate to have peace of mind that you are not paying a premium price for treated diamonds.
  • In case if you are thinking to
  • In many diamond necklaces, colored stones are placed with the diamonds to add visual appeal and make the set more attractive. Colored diamonds or gemstones are being paired with their white counterparts to create a stunning and increasingly popular piece of jewelry.

Cost of a diamond necklace

  • The things that influence the price of a diamond necklace are- metal used, the quality, size, weight and cut of the diamonds set, how intricate the design is. Hence, if you want to get the most for your money set your budget beforehand and stick to it.
  • Secondly, if you want to save more money step out for shopping during the holiday season, or you can also look for a necklace which utilizes small, less expensive diamonds in a cluster design in order to imitate the look of a much larger diamond.

Grading report for your diamond necklace

  • Grading report is a professional assessment of the diamond’s 4 Cs- color, cut, clarity and carat. However, not all diamond necklaces come with a grading report due to economical reasons. For the diamonds of size less than 0.30 carats, the cost of the lab examination far outweighs the value of the stone.
  • Hence, if you are buying a necklace with a cluster of diamonds, you will not get a grading report for all each individual stone. In fact, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are satisfy with what you are getting and have double checked that the price you are being offered is right.
  • But, if you are customizing your diamond necklace or intend to buy a set with a center stone larger than 0.30 carats, then you are free to ask for the grading report for the stone. Do make sure that your jeweler provides you with the reports from GIA, HRD or IGI only because these authorities are world recognized and have tough grading standard.  

Now further scroll down and read the following bottom line recommendations:

  • In order to ensure that you purchase the most beautiful necklace for your lady, review the diamonds closely.
  • Get the diamonds which are clean of blemishes and inclusions so that your diamond set offers plenty of brilliance.
  • Pick the style based on the preference of the your loved one who is going to wear it.
  • Most importantly choose a diamond necklace from a reputable and reliable retailer.

Now you have garnered complete information about the shapes and styles of diamond necklaces and have a road map to follow, you must be pondering where to buy the diamond necklace. If so, simply visit us at