How was princess cut discovered:

In Early 1960’s, this shape of diamond was first discovered by a diamond cutter in England, named

“Arpad Nagy”. Later by 1961 the shape was known to be called as Princess cut and continued to be

famously introduced in rest of the countries by various other diamond cutters.


How does a Princess Cut look & effects on their brilliance:

 Princess cut diamonds have a distinguished shape with length to breath ratio of normally 1-1:05

And an average price of a ideal princess cut of 1 carats size would normally range from 3000 to 4500 USD

Although due to the facets and the square shape, a princess cut reflects and sparkles less light as

Compared to round diamond cut. But an excellent cut and polish of an ideal square princess cut would

Provide a great sparkle and luster than any other cut of a diamond


Sparkles and brilliances comparison with round cut and princess cut diamonds:-

It is well assured by all Major diamond cutter and industry experts, than round brilliant cut would sparkle and reflect for luster than any princess cut, however the degree of sparkle may vary between a not so beautifully polished and exact symmetry of a round with with that of a evenly proportionate and beautifully polished princess cut with clarity unto minimum VS overall.


Which diamond cut should a couple decide between the round and princess cut:-

It depends upon the style and fashion statement that a couple would like to process in having to make a decision on their engagement ring to be in round brilliant cut of the fashionable Princess cut in general. Both diamond cuts are famous and their popularity is immense among many couples since several decades. The price factor is also going to be an important consideration in deciding this, as round diamond would be 20% more expensive than that of any princess cut diamond in the same clarity and color specifications. Besides that the international certification of any of these diamond cuts would affect their prices.  

At mamiya jewelry you are well explained and taught the various differences in price and it is believed that a loose diamond which is directly purchased by a retailer like Mamiya from the mine holders of Belgium or India , and is certified by the company’s own Gemological expertise, while providing a Store certificate and authentication card, would comparatively be the most cheapest in terms of price than the international certified diamond. In later the price of certificate is added upon the actual price of the diamond and hence the price effect is observed.