A gemstone is a piece of mineral which is crystallized and highly being used in making jewelries, like necklace, rings, earring among others. These precious stones are beautiful, long lasting, rare and expensive, which has healing and magical powers and used to help in the lives of people these days. A gemstone is said to be perfect if it has all four C’s like Cut, color, clarity and carat.  There are around 200 types of gemstone available, all are precious and play an important role in gemology as per the astrology. Each and every gem has a different effect on person. Some gems are brings good luck or some gems use for healing.

What is the type of gemstone and its related benefits?


·         Ruby :- It is the most popular

·         White Sapphire :- It is very rare gemstone which is totally colorless and serve benefits to its bearer with luxuries and wealth.


·         Natural Pearl :- According to the Vedic Astrology, natural pearl is highly being used to maximize the power of Moon.

·         Red Coral : It also called "Sea's Garden" and used to protects from evil influences. It is available in various colors, like pink, yellow, white and back.

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