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Yellow sapphires are the natural corundum and idealy found in Srilanka, Burma, Thailand and India. It is also called Pukhraj and is worn by men on the index finger of the right hand. It is a gemstone for guru Jupiter & its popularity has grown in recent years due to celebrity yellow diamond engagement rings.

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08 Mar Few Important Tips On Buying Sapphire Jewelry
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Buying a fine jewelry needs lots of knowledge to identify the top quality sapphire for you. There are five essential characteristics of a gem’s quality that you need to keep in mind while shopping a fascinating gemstone, either placed in a setting or..
25 Oct What are gemstones, types and its benefits?
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A gemstone is a piece of mineral which is crystallized and highly being used in making jewelries, like necklace, rings, earring among others. These precious stones are beautiful, long lasting, rare and expensive, which has healing and magical powers ..
22 Sep yellow sapphire
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 There are many precious gemstones from the  padparadscha  family, primarily categorised as :-,Blue sapphires (ceylon sapphires) yellow sapphires pink sapphires padparadscha sapphire star sapphire multi color changing sapphiresit..
28 May Best Gemstones Of the world in Dubai
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ratnaraj,which literally translates as rubies were also thought to enable their owners to live in peace with their enemies. In india natural rubies where also considered more expensive than diamonds,they are mainly found in orrissa and mysore.the f..
16 May Platinum jewelry in dubai
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