You and your girlfriend are in a long and beautiful relationship from your college times. You have seen many ups and downs and now as a boyfriend, you want to take a step a bit further. You are thinking to purpose her, but the main issue is that you haven’t selected a ring for her. Engagement is undeniably a very special occasion in every woman's life and she wants her engagement ring to be no less than perfect. One can easily find a broad array of engagement rings in the market. If you want this day to memorable, then it is advisable to give the diamond

In the 1920s during the ‘art deco’ period, the halo ring had come into existence. Their uprising popularity in today’s times has kept them right next to the solitaire rings that are available in traditional designs. Halo rings are found in all metals, but white gold and platinum are the favored selection. Yellow gold is also chosen by various brides, while rose gold is gradually attaining popularity as a metal for cost-effective engagement rings. You can make a selection from a claw set halo or a grain set halo design. Both have attained the same popularity and have their own merits. One can also find the other designs on the internet. There are many online portals that render these rings at very reasonable prices. You will notice that the design of each of these rings is very exclusive, striking and sophisticated. These rings cost a little bit on the expensive side because of the quality of metal and diamonds incorporated in them. Many online sites also equip the seekers with an opportunity of fashioning your own customized ring by selecting the setting, size and the gemstones of your preference. There are specific factors that require to be measured while selecting a halo engagement ring. It is necessary that these rings are composed of an exceptional jeweler keeping in mind all the intricate details. Do not forget to check that there are no gaps between the center diamond and the surrounding diamonds.

If you are looking for rings online, ensure you only visit trustworthy and believable jewelry online websites. Do not forget to check reviews given on that site before making any purchase. Along with this, keep an eye on the exchange and return policies in case of any manufacturing imperfection. You also require to make sure that the company provides a certificate of the quantity and quality of stones used.

There is no doubt in the fact that halo engagement rings render you more bang (or bling) for your buck. It will make your hands dazzle. The whole charisma of these rings is enough to tantalize your whole look. You don’t require to wear any other accessory to look beautiful. The term halo is used to define the tiny diamonds that surround the entire center stone. If you are searching for an engagement ring then your quest will end at a halo ring. It appears a lot bigger than its actual size. Given below are the few frequently asked questions about this type of rings.


1. Does the Center Stone Have to be only in Round shape?


Many people think that the center stone for a halo setting has to be round but the reality is that certain diamond can be of any shape. The halo or bordered diamonds just have to surround the whole stone for it to be considered a halo setting. The shape of the diamond can vary as per the preference of a buyer.


2. Is this a famed setting?


The answer to this question is no, but not all jewelry stores have halo engagement rings. They are special and exceptional and they are a great substitute to a simple every day solitaire ring. This setting can also appear vintage or modern as per the shape of the center stone and other factors.

3 Can I add a halo to my present solitaire?


Yes, you can add to halo to your present solitaire. It will give a complete makeover to your whole ring. You can ask your jeweler for getting the quote to see how much it will cost you to add a center stone. The additional diamonds will not only add texture to your ring but they will also generate the illusion of a larger and glitterier diamond. If you are bored with your present ring and wish to make some changes without wreaking havoc on your pocket, then a halo engagement ring will be the best option.

Are you looking for the most visually alluring

Before buying a budget, make a definite budget so that the nightmare of over-spending won’t scare you at all. Many of us must have heard the common proverb that says “prevention is better than cure.” This proverb fits perfectly when it comes to jewelry shopping. Rather than crying over unnecessary spending, it is advisable to make a budget and save yourself from crying. You will also get to save some money as well. In today’s we all look out for massive discounts and attractive deals that allow us to save money and shop for our favorite things. Many online jewelry stores render amazing discounts so that customers can buy jewelry without worrying about fiscal trouble.

Are you aware of the fact that diamonds bracelets are available in various categories? If no, then it is true. The categories are- Classic bracelet, Designer diamond bracelet, red carpet bracelet, Vintage Bracelets, and gemstone bracelet.

There are many reasons for buying the diamond bracelet. One of the reasons that buying diamond jewelry is a good investment. The value of a diamond is getting higher with every single passing day. It is good to know that your purchase has some great resale value if you select pieces intelligently based on their rarity and quality.


Another reason is that sometimes, you don’t feel like any jewelry, but the importance of an event compels you to wear heavy necklaces. Now, you can resolve this issue by wearing a diamond bracelet. It will look classy and make you look different from the rest of the crows. People will not be able to take their eyes from the beauty of your bracelet. In addition, a wearer will also get plenty of compliments.

Diamond bracelets can have spiritual benefits. Not all of us have faith in astrology, feng shui, or other spiritual elements in the world. However, But that doesn’t mean you can’t get its wonderful benefits! As per the feng shui experts, diamonds are filled with strength and protection. These glowing stones are assumed to emit these qualities to whoever is carrying or wearing them, too! You can wear your diamonds humbly, and be aware of the fact you have acquired some extra power with you.

There is no doubt in the fact that diamonds are versatile. They are great for any occasion. Similar to this bracelet consist of diamonds is also versatile. These jewels are not just for special events. In fact, diamonds are getting more popular as an element of daily attires for women everywhere. The graceful, glittering exquisiteness of diamond jewelry can be accompanied with even your most casual dress. It can also uplift your formal occasion outfit and your look to whole new heights. With diamonds in your collection, you will be assured that anything you put on will be absolutely outstanding. Be it a brunch or reception of your best friend, a diamond bracelet with your outfit look pleasant, exquisite, and great.