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09 Jul Sapphire Rings Dubai: A Great Symbol of a Perfect Bride
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Today, sapphires are in great demand and people consider that sapphires are much better than that of a diamond. First of all, Sapphire rings Dubai is not as expensive as diamond therefore people can easily pay for a sapphire ring or any other sapphir..
10 Apr A Brief Discussion about Halo Engagement Ring
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You and your girlfriend are in a long and beautiful relationship from your college times. You have seen many ups and downs and now as a boyfriend, you want to take a step a bit further. You are thinking to purpose her, but the main issue is that you ..
25 Mar A Discussion about Eternity Rings in Dubai in a Brief Manner
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Women love to wear jewelry. In today’s world, it is not difficult to find the marvellous designs of any jewelry. Nowadays, both men and women have a special place for jewelry in their heart. Gone were those days, when only women use to wear jewelry. ..
08 Mar Few Important Tips On Buying Sapphire Jewelry
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Buying a fine jewelry needs lots of knowledge to identify the top quality sapphire for you. There are five essential characteristics of a gem’s quality that you need to keep in mind while shopping a fascinating gemstone, either placed in a setting or..
07 Feb How To Choose A Diamond That Has Right Grading and Rating
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Diamonds are graded into many categories based on various characteristics and hence a usual buyer may get overwhelmed with the influx of information on diamond’s rating, grading, and quality. In order to help first time shopper in making the most inf..
27 Sep Types of Diamond Ring Settings
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 Are you wondering how to show your pure and pristine love to someone very special on your Engagement? Go and try to please her with something unique. And when it comes to showing your true love and devotion, nothing can match the charm of designer..
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